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Why Is My Eyebrow Twitching?

The twitching of your eyebrows can be irritating, so you might question, “why is my eyebrow twitching?” The twitching of the eyebrows is generally painless; however, it may cause irritation or discomfort. A few seconds may be enough to trigger them, and they may last for several days. But what causes it?

An eyebrow twitch is the uncontrollable movement of the skin around it. Twitching of the eyebrows may result from daily factors, such as fatigue or stress. Excessive intake of caffeine may also cause this issue. If you notice eyebrow twitching, you may be suffering from Bell’s palsy or Tourette disease.

Reasons Why Your Eyebrow is Twitching

Listed below are a few reasons why your eyebrows might be twitching:

Reason 1: Excessive Caffeine Intake

The twitching of the eyebrows is usually because of the high caffeine intake. You can reduce eyebrow twitching if you assess your caffeine intake and adjust accordingly. 

Caffeine consumption often coincides with fatigue and stress, which also cause sudden eyebrow twitching. Twitching of the eyebrows usually stops within a few hours or even days. 

Reduce or eliminate your caffeine intake, get more sleep, and reduce your stress levels to help speed up the process. If you regularly consume a lot of caffeine, you should gradually lower your consumption to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

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Reason 2: Dry Eyes

Adults suffering from dry eyes may also experience twitching of their eyebrows. Your eyes become dry when there is not enough moisture on their surface. 

You either don’t have enough tears, or your tears evaporate too quickly because of a weak composition. The symptoms of dry eyes include burning and scratchiness, which lead to constant blinking.

People over 50 years of age who frequently use laptops and smartphones are also more likely to suffer from dry eyes. Additionally, people who wear contact lenses, consume alcohol, and take caffeine are more likely to develop dry eyes. 

Twitching of the eyes and dry eyes can result in a continual cycle of problems. Therefore, you should try treating it as soon as possible.

Reason 3: Specific Medicines or Alcohol

Twitching of the eyebrows can result from certain medications. A stimulant or an antipsychotic may result in this problem. Antiepileptic medications can also cause twitching, but the frequency of such reactions varies.

As diuretics cause a magnesium deficiency, they may also cause muscle twitching. Suppose someone is experiencing eyebrow twitching due to medication. In that case, they should consult a doctor, lower the dosage, or change the medication.

Other than this, consumption of alcohol can also cause eye twitching to occur. It occurs when you drink alcohol since it relaxes all the muscles in your body. 

There may be an exhaustion of the muscles of the eyelids due to this condition. Consider cutting back on your alcohol consumption if you suspect alcohol consumption is the cause of your twitching eye.

Reason 4: Eyestrain

Overworking the eye muscles and becoming tired can occur twitching of the eyebrow. Extended screen viewing can cause eyestrain. 

However, taking breaks can help prevent the eyestrain. It is also possible to experience eyestrain when a person strains to see, which will probably require glasses or a prescription change.

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Reason 5: Stress

Another important reason for most people to twitch their eyelids or eyebrows is stress. There are many ways that stress can affect our bodies, so taking steps to reduce stress can benefit your health.

The use of relaxation approaches and workouts can help to reduce stress and decrease instances of twitching eyebrows. Besides twitching eyebrows, stress can cause various other health issues. As a result, avoiding stress will keep you healthy.


There are many reasons for eyelid twitches. Various treatment options are available, with different outlooks depending on the patient. 

Research is underway to determine if a genetic factor is at play. Still, it does not appear to be inherited so far. The twitching of the eyebrow usually disappears on its own. 

Making lifestyle changes can help people resolve this concern who are experiencing twitching. A doctor should examine twitches that persist despite home remedies or left alone to rule out more serious causes.

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