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Why Is My Body Sore When I Wake Up?

“Why is my body sore when I wake up?”- This could be the question you ask yourself each morning when you get out of your bed. Sleep is meant to give you rest and help you wake up relieved and activated. But when it turns into pain, it raises your eyebrows.

Dr. George Girgis, a pain medicine specialist, says your movements during the day keep the fluid that lubricates your joints flowing. However, there’s no movement when asleep, which can cause pain and stiffness. Other causes of a sore body in the morning could be lack of quality sleep and how you work out. It could also result from underlying conditions and chronic stress.

Reasons why you Wake Up with Sore Body and How to Deal with It

Here are 6 causes of a sore body in the morning;

Lack of Enough Quality Sleep

The way you sleep affects how you will wake up. Sometimes, you have a sore body in the morning because you slept in the wrong position. As a result, you wake up with stiff neck or back pain.

Even though you maintain a sleeping schedule of 7-9 hours as recommended, it is crucial to check on the quality over quantity. To achieve this, get the right pillow to lay your head on. It will help to align the spine part connected with your neck. Besides, get a new mattress if yours is not firm enough.

Also, have a consistent sleeping schedule that you follow, even on weekends. Additionally, take your meals three hours before bedtime and ensure that your bedroom’s temperature is comfortable. You will get enough quality sleep and avoid waking up feeling pain.

Chronic Stress

Sometimes, you go through challenges in life, such as losing a loved one, which causes stress. Stress builds up if you give constant attention to the issue. As a result, start to wake up with a sore body.

Cortisol levels increase when you experience chronic stress, which makes you prone to body aches and inflammation. Also, when you are stressed, you become anxious throughout the day and lack enough sleep at night. As a result, you get out of bed feeling tired instead of restful.

It would be best to talk a trusted friend or family member about what’s bothering you. Besides, practice mediation and do regular exercises. Finally, take nature walks to relieve the pressure and reduce the alcohol intake if you do. The remedies will help you wake up feeling good and boost your mental well-being.


Underlying Condition

You may be asking, “Why do I have a sore body when I wake up?”. Yet you had a quality sleep, and you are not stressed. You could have an underlying medical condition that needs attention.

If you are in such a situation, visit your doctor and explain your symptoms. Some of the condition that causes inflammation in high levels are arthritis, auto-immune conditions, Lyme diseases, and low levels of Vitamin D.

Depending on the medical examination that your doctor will carry out, they will single out your underlying condition. From there, they will recommend medication and lifestyle changes. Some conditions, such as lupus, an auto-immune condition, can be long-term, but medication manages the symptoms. As a result, you will enjoy your sleep time and wake up without pain.

Lack of Enough Exercise

Doing body exercises is something everyone should embrace. But due to busy schedules at work or home, you forget to exercise regularly. This can cause waking up with a sore body in the morning.

When your body moves during exercising sessions, it aids in lubricating your joints with synovial fluid. As a result, your body muscles stretch, thus relieving inflammation. Besides, there is proper blood circulation in your body tissues.

You only need at least 30 minutes of exercise five days per week. And you can divide these minutes between periods during which you’ve been sitting. Take breaks between the sessions, walk around your home, do house chores, or go to the gym. Besides, you can embrace the A-B-C routine that helps exercise your legs, back, and shoulders.

Doing too much Exercise

They say that too much of something can be dangerous. And therefore, when you exercise your body too much, you experience body aches when you wake up. It could be a surprise to you, but you could be having insomnia or body soreness because of strenuous body exercises.

Too much workout leads to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It can also lead to injuries that affect your health. As a result, you experience poor-quality sleep due to aches and other health conditions.

Get enough time to recover after your gym session to avoid such scenarios. Do not make your gym time a ride or die. Instead, have at least two days in a week to rest from exercises. Besides, replace high-impact exercise activities with simpler ones to avoid overstretching your body.


Poor Diet

‘Why do I have a body sore when I wake up? If this is the question in your mind and not due to the other mentioned causes, it could be your diet. What you eat makes your body either stronger or weaker. This is because your body gets nutrients from the food you eat. High sugar, saturated fats, wheat, alcohol, and refined carbohydrates cause inflammation.

To avoid such issues, check on your diet. Incorporate anti-inflammatory foods in your diet to wake you up in good health. Some of the best foods to consider are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and ginger. With such foods, you will increase the antioxidants in your body. And antioxidants are known for reducing inflammation.


You sleep, hoping to wake up feeling refreshed and reactivated. But waking up with a sore body, raises an alarm. There are several causes of body pains after waking. Too much exercise or a lack thereof could be the cause. Lack of quality sleep, chronic stress, and poor diet are also common causes. Check on your lifestyle and make adjustments to avoid a sore body in the morning.

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