Why Does My Hair Curl At The End? 

Why does my hair curl at the end? This is a common problem that can affect anybody but will impact people’s lives differently. If hair symbolizes physical strength and power to you, your self-esteem might take a knock when your hair curls. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry. We will show you why your hair curls and how to deal with it. 

There are many reasons why your hair might curl at the end. These may include changes in shampoo, food and diet, hormones, and climatic conditions. Heat styling or coloring might also make your hair curl at the end. You will need to know the root cause of your curly hair to treat it effectively. 

Why Does My Hair Curl When They Grow Long?

This is an interesting question that probably doesn’t have a definite answer, just ideas of why it might be happening. To shed some light on this, not all hairs will curl at the end when it grows, but some will. 

First, it is essential to acknowledge the possibility that your hair might just be wavy and not curly. It could be that as your hair grows longer, the wavy pattern becomes more prominent, and the hair appears to curl at the end. 

The second argument is that the hair at the end is older and tends to be fragile, dry, and more brittle than the root. This does not necessarily mean that your hair will curl. Still, hair might have been exposed to chemical or heat damage that gradually gave it more texture than it used to have. 

Things That Make Your Hair Curl at the End  

Several things can make your hair curl at the end. These might include food and diet, shampoo, hormonal changes, and heat treatments. We discuss some of them in detail below. 

Change of Shampoo

Shampoo is the most preferred product used to wash hair. If you introduce a new shampoo, it might adversely affect your hair, causing it to curl at the end. If this happens, revert to the previous shampoo you were using before things become complicated. 

hair shampoo

Food and Diet  

This one is likely to take you by surprise, but yes, a drastic change in your diet will indeed cause changes in your hair. Just like any other organ in your body, your hair relies on vitamins and minerals for nourishment and growth. Therefore, abrupt changes in your diet might lead to changes in your hair, and curling could be one of them.

Hormonal Changes 

Hormonal changes in your body will affect the texture of your hair. Hormonal shifts like those that happen during pregnancy might cause your hair to curl at the end. When there is a rise in estrogens levels during pregnancy, the hair shines a lot. During menopause, however, the androgen hormone level will rise as the estrogen level drops resulting in thin hair causing curls.

Change in Seasons

Different times of the year present totally different climatic conditions. There are times when the humidity is very high and when it is very low. The hair might be adversely affected by changes in humidity, leading to curling at the end. This explains why some people might experience curling at the end when seasons change or when they travel to a different region. 

Heat Styling or Coloring 

Heat styling allows one to attain creativity on their haircuts. However, when it is not done correctly, it can adversely affect your hair. Improper heat styling can cause hair flatness and dryness, leading to difficulty holding or even changing hair shapes. 

How Do I Stop My Hair from Curling?

A haircut is perhaps one of the most immediate solutions to this problem. It will help you achieve the desired weight and length, enhancing comfort. A haircut is also said to bring a new lease of life since it removes coarse hair and badly split ends which cause hair to curl. 

Another common tip to prevent curling is drying. This can be achieved by blow-drying on low heat or by naturally drying hair. If you go for a blow drier, be mindful of heat since a great deal of heat will complicate the problem. Also, note that you should only use a blow drier on wet hair.   

hair blowing

You can apply moisturizing and protective tools such as a moisture conditioner or a deep conditioner to moisturize and protect your hair from damage. However, bear in mind that this is the most expensive of all the methods discussed, especially regarding the equipment and money involved. 

Caring for Curly Hair 

Caring for curly hair is challenging because it lacks moisture and is often dry. As such, you need to focus on products that generate more moisture.

 Choosing the right shampoo and ensuring effective pre-shampoo treatment is essential in caring for your curly hair. Be careful to choose the right brush because curly hair can easily break off because they are brittle. Also, avoid excessive use of shampoos. 

You will need to avoid hot water and use cold water while washing your hair. Cold water helps retain moisture, while hot water has the reverse effect.    


Hormones, climatic conditions, and heat styling might cause your hair to curl. However, regardless of the root cause, be sure to use hair drying as the safest means of eliminating curls. Typically, regular haircuts will fasten the process of drying, leaving your hair straight and healthy. Do not bleach your hair, as this might compound the problem. If you must do it, consider a professional hairstylist. 

Regularly check your hormones to know the imbalances. This will help you determine which vitamins to take to prevent your hair from curling at the end. Also, keep track of the seasonal changes, maintain a stress-free life, and eat a balanced diet. 

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