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Why Do My PolyGel Nails Pop Off?

PolyGel nails are trendy not just because they look good but also because they’re easier to put on than acrylic nails. There aren’t as many fumes and chemicals that eat away at your natural nails when using PolyGel nails. Indeed, they’re the way to go only if you can keep them from popping off.

If your PolyGel nails keep falling off, you might have placed them wrongly from the start. When applying PolyGel nails, clean and buff your nails, use the correct nail sizes, lay them carefully, and don’t use too much slip solution. Even though PolyGel nails aren’t as strong as acrylic nails, there are ways to make them last longer.

Some of the most outstanding artificial nails on the market are PolyGel nails. They can last for up to four weeks if properly installed and maintained. This article highlights why your PolyGel nail may pop off and share some maintenance tips.

Common Reasons Why Your PolyGel Nails May Pop Off

If you have this issue, you or your technician may have overlooked some critical nail prep! A lack of nail prep or poor application causes a PolyGel nail to pop from the back. It’s also possible you have incredibly soft pins. Your nails are too weak if it’s popping from the free edge.

1. Faulty Prepping and Installation

In most cases, nail preparation and installation problems can cause PolyGel nails to fall off before they harden and adhere fully. One of the most common mistakes when applying PolyGel nails is flooding the nail with too much slip solution, preventing it from hardening properly. 

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It’s essential to buff your nails thoroughly before adding the PolyGel nail form. Nails that haven’t been appropriately dried may fall off prematurely in those who have neglected to use a nail dehydrator.

2. Poor Nail Condition

Furthermore, the condition of your natural nail may not be able to withstand artificial nails. It may pop off your PolyGel as a result. If a pin doesn’t harden, it can slip around the nail. The fake nail is more likely to break or pop off due to the lack of a proper base on the natural nail.

However, you have no way of knowing whether your nail plate will be capable of supporting a longer nail while using PolyGel nails. Your natural nail may have a feature that causes your nails to break more frequently than you’d like, and you may not even know it. People with greasy nails or fingers are in luck because of the remedies available.

How to Make Your PolyGel Nails Last Longer?

First, you have to determine why your PolyGel nails pop off. Suppose there’s an issue with your natural nails; you’d have to consult a certified dermatologist for advice. However, if the problem was improper prepping and installation, you might want to talk to your nail stylist.

Although it’s best to let a professional work on your nails. But, if you are looking to fix your nails at home, here are some tips to ensure that your PolyGel nail stays firmly in place:

1. Proper Prepping

Nail prep is often overlooked when doing nails at home, but it is critical. Preparing your nails will help keep your PolyGel from coming off. 

Before buffering and roughening the nail surface, make sure your nails are dry and free from existing products like nail polish. Apply a nail preparation to remove any dirt or grease before doing your PolyGel nails at home. 

The entire nail mustn’t be smooth before applying the PolyGel. Get the whole surface roughed up before moving on to the next step. As a result, the gel will attach to the nail bed more firmly and remain in place for more time.

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2. Proper Nail Installation 

Make sure the dual forms are the correct size, and your cuticles are pushed back and well-aligned. Furthermore, file it to the correct size using a medium grit to ensure a rough background and avoid future popping or lifting.

Lastly, do not use too much slip solution when sculpting the gel on the dual shapes. Pops and lifts might occur if too much is applied. Make sure your PolyGel and nail top do not have air bubbles.

3. Curing

It’s vital to cure PolyGel nails if you want them to last. If not correctly fixed, the nails will be fragile, with a hard outer layer and a soft inside. This means that your PolyGel nails are very prone to breaking.

Your final options are a longer cure time under a UV lamp and more PolyGel. It’s best to begin curing the top of the nail first and the nails’ underside. 


The best way to make your PolyGel nails last longer is to establish the best base possible. Uneven and unhealthy nails make it difficult for PolyGel nails to adhere to them, so prioritizing nail health is more important. 

If your PolyGel nails pop off, it’s probably due to poor application or prep. However, if your PolyGel nails are peeling, you may need a nail primer.

Furthermore, finding the source of your adhesive issue will save you money and time spent visiting your nail technician. If artificial nails have damaged your real ones, it’s best to invest in your nails’ health. 

This prevents further damage that could permanently alter their appearance. Remember to give your nails plenty of rest to heal and grow stronger.

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