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Why Do I Feel Sick After Working Out?

When you work out for the first time, you might feel unwell and wonder, “why do I feel sick after working out?” It is essential to perform the workout for your physical and mental health. Nevertheless, exercising can make you feel ill. However, nothing abnormal about feeling nauseous or sick after working out occasionally. But why does it happen?

When you are not in good physical shape, pushing yourself too hard can make you feel sick after your workout. Adapt your training to your needs, whether you are just getting started or exercising six days a week. Dehydration can also result from excessive workouts, making you feel unwell.

Reasons Why You Might Feel Sick After Working Out

Feeling sick after you’ve exercised can be due to the reasons listed below:

Reason 1: Dehydration

If you feel sick after excessive exercise, the most likely cause is dehydration. Workout causes us to sweat and breathe hard, resulting in fluid loss. Excessive exercising can make you dehydrated quickly. 

It is common to experience headaches as a result of dehydration. Therefore, before and after exercising, you should consume enough water to stay hydrated.

Be careful when drinking water, as too much can dilute your electrolytes. It is possible to feel nauseous when your sodium levels are too low in your body.

When exercising intensely or afterwards, drinking electrolyte drinks is a good idea for replenishing sodium and required electrolytes.

Reason 2: Inaccurate Nutrition in the Body

When you exercise, you must fuel your muscles and organs properly to function at their best. Exercise performance may suffer if you do not consume enough nutritious food before workouts. 

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You may feel sick as a result. You may experience fatigue and dizziness due to inadequate nutrition. However, remember to avoid eating heavily before your workout, particularly foods high in protein or fat. 

Such foods will take longer for your body to digest. Therefore, you should consume adequate nutrition if you don’t want to feel sick after working out. Ensure that you do not consume excessive or less food.

Reason 3: Inconsistent Blood Flow

A strenuous workout can affect your brain’s blood flow in an inconsistent manner, which will make you feel ill. When you do a challenging workout, you put a lot of pressure on your body. 

As a result, you can experience fluctuating blood pressure and heart rate. This fluctuation can result in inconsistent blood flow to the brain, resulting in fatigue and dizziness. 

Humans have pressure receptors in certain body parts that prevent blood pressure from rising or falling. A workout can cause this system to malfunction when you suddenly change your intensity or position, causing you to feel sick.

Reason 4: Hypoglycemia

A hypoglycemic state which indicates a low blood sugar level in your body, may also lead to feeling sick after working out. After exercising, it is also possible to get a headache if your blood sugar is too low. 

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The blood sugar in your body is glucose, your body’s leading source of energy. Hypoglycemia occurs when you don’t eat enough sugar before exercising. 

When your blood sugar drops, you should consume something containing carbohydrates right away. You can drink fruit juice or eat fruits possessing carbohydrates to deal with it. You can use this quick fix to tide you over until you figure out a lasting solution.


Regular exercise has numerous health benefits; it can also lead to weight loss. Get more physical activity into your day by starting small workouts and incorporating them into your schedule. 

Though working out is beneficial, it does have some side effects. For example, working out can lead to feeling sick afterwards. It is common to experience nausea after an intense or long workout. 

However, it is normal to feel that way. Keeping nausea at bay is as easy as reducing your intensity or avoiding eating foods before a workout and increasing your intensity gradually.

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