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When I Cough My Head Hurts on the Right Side?

If the right side of your head feels pain when you cough, you might ask, “Why, when I cough, my head hurts on the right side?” There is a relatively low incidence of cough headaches. However, if it happens, it can cause pain and discomfort. But why does it occur?

A frequent migraine sufferer may experience pain in their head on the right side when they cough. This type of pain may also be because of a brain disorder or other underlying health condition. Further, people with cluster headaches often complain of pain on the right side of their head when coughing.

Reasons Why Your Head Hurts on the Right Side When You Cough

Here are the reasons you get a headache on the right side of your head when you cough.

Reason 1: Brain Disorder

A brain disorder can also make coughing painful. If you have a brain disorder, you may face pain on the right side of your head, and it is usually a secondary coughing headache. 

This type of cough headache is because of Chiari malformation. Also, it has a higher frequency than other headache causes. 

Chiari malformations relate to structural abnormalities within the skull that can lead to headaches. You may also notice your head hurting from the right side due to heavy lifting.

Reason 2: Migraines

You may also be dealing with migraines if you begin feeling pain on the right side of your head. But mostly, migraine headaches are thought to occur due to genetic factors. 

In this type of headache, the symptoms include a throbbing or pulsating feeling. Blurred vision and nausea are usually accompanying symptoms of severe pulsating.

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Approximately one-third of migraine sufferers have temporary blindness or visual disturbances before the onset of pain. Some of the symptoms may persist for up to 72 hours. This type of headache is usually limited to the right side of the head if left without treatment. 

Prompt treatment is vital to minimize the severity and duration of symptoms. There are many treatments available for this type of headache, including OTC.

Reason 3: Cluster Headaches

Excessive coughing may also lead to cluster headaches which will cause your head to hurt on the right side. The cluster headache, also known as the cyclical headache, is a rare but relatively severe headache that occurs cyclically. 

Due to this, you may experience pain around one eye and the right side of your head, which is usually very intense. 

Additionally, it has the potential to spread to other facial areas, neck, and shoulders. A cluster headache may cause other symptoms such as facial sweating and skin pallor.


If your head hurts on the right side due to Cough, you can treat it at home. Certain medications may relieve coughing pain caused by specific cold or flu symptoms. 

Medications for allergies may alleviate coughs caused by allergies. By doing proper care, you will relieve headaches and reduce pressure on your head. Get plenty of sleep to minimize your headache. 

By getting enough sleep, your body can maintain a healthy system and help prevent headaches. Staying hydrated will also help reduce these conditions.

Continued coughing and head pain indicate the need for medical attention. A few medications can reduce the pressure caused by coughing and the coughing itself. 

During allergy seasons, such as spring and summer, you might also experience headaches when you cough. Coughs and headaches associated with the season tend to last short-term and eventually pass. It’s a good idea to see a doctor if your right side of the head hurts constantly.

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