What to Use Instead of Eyelash Glue?

Although false eyelashes have become a trend amongst women, most of you may wonder, “what to use instead of eyelash glue?” You must have noticed that some women use false eyelashes as a necessity. If you talk to any licensed esthetician or cosmetologist, you will know that there are several ways to put on false eyelashes.

It would be best to be extra careful when using eyelash glue since you use it close to your eyes. Thankfully, there are better and safer alternatives to using eyelash glue. For example, you may opt for skin-safe silicone, self-adhesive lashes, or magnetic lashes, to name a few.

What Do You Mean by Eyelash Glue?

False eyelashes require some material that will allow them to stick to your original eyelashes for as long as you want. 

Most of the false eyelashes come with the laminate adhesive used along the belt of the false eyelashes. This adhesive helps these eyelashes to attach themselves to your natural ones. 

You must take utmost care while putting on false eyelashes with this type of lava adhesive because you are putting it extremely close to your eyes. These lava adhesives include solvents, sticky products, ammonium hydroxide, and tensile substances.

Things to Use Instead of Eyelash Glue

There are many hypoallergenic and secure eyelash glues. You will also find several online blogs that will tell you how to prepare homemade alternatives to eyelash glues, such as PVA glue. Using toxic glue may result in allergic reactions in your eye.

Creating safe and authentic glue with some simple ingredients at home is always a good idea. Apart from being handy, homemade glue will be a good option for those suffering from allergic reactions. Here are alternatives to using eyelash glue.

Skin Safe Silicone

One of the primary reasons to avoid ordinary eyelid adhesives is allergy or latex sensitivity. The medical adhesives used in most false eyelashes are pretty potent. 

These can easily irritate the mucous membranes of your eye. Such irritations are primarily due to the solvents used to remove the glue.

You can use skin-safe silicones as one of the best alternatives. Use a skinny application of the same for direct build-ups. Skin-safe silicones are best for people with a history of latex irritations.

mascara 1


Many people have different views about using mascara as an alternative to eyelash glue. However, you will be surprised to know that mascara can work as a substitute for false eyelash adhesives. The following steps will tell you how to do it.

  • First of all, apply mascara to your natural cloves.
  • After a few seconds, put on the false eyelashes on the lines. You may also use your fingers or pinchers to do so.
  • Press and hold against the eyelids for a minute or two. If you notice that the pipes are pretty loose, better reapply mascara and try again.
  • Using mascara as an alternative to artificial eyelashes will require patience, some level of effort, and practice.

Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

There is no doubt that false eyelashes can enhance your eyes and overall appearance. However, self-adhesive eyelashes will be the best alternative if you cannot use glue to put on the false eyelashes. 

These eyelashes have a sticky quality that allows you to put them on quickly. It’s simple – remove the cloves and press the package firmly. 

It is one of the fastest and most highly efficient digging glue and receiving complete cloves. However, it is better to invest in lasting self-adhesive eyelashes since some may fail to last a whole night out.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Many women use magnetic eyelashes as an excellent substitute for eyelash glue. These come with cloves and eyeliner. 

In addition, these types of eyelashes come with iron oxides and several other chemical agents. These chemicals attract the magnets from the lace. Here is how you may apply magnetic eyelashes.

  • After applying the eyeliner, please wait until it dries.
  • Take the false eyelashes and place them where you had applied the eyeliner. It aims to attract and maintain the liner.
  • Finding magnetic pins without a liner and adhering them to the mascara is possible.
  • These types of magnetic eyelashes last for up to 20 applications. It makes them a great environment and budget choice.
magnetic eyelas

Is Low-Quality Eyelash Glue Dangerous?

When you talk about false eyelashes, glue is the primary factor in applying. The glue helps the false eyelashes connect to your natural eyelids. 

However, if the quality of the adhesive is of inferior quality, it can quickly ruin your natural cloves. Low-quality glue can also cause discomfort and pain on your extensions.

There is no doubt that lash extensions may be pretty expensive and maybe an actual investment in your beauty routine. It is more critical to use false lashes with the highest quality glue. It will also let you freely use your natural-looking eyelashes.


False eyelashes give your eyes that additional “pop” look. These eyelashes come with eyelid glue used to attach the eyelashes to your natural lashes. 

However, if misused, it can cause severe damage to your eyes. Therefore, it is better not to put your eyes at any risk. Always use eye glue safely and without any hypoallergenic or latex. 

Thus, it is preferable to use a suitable alternative to eyelash glue. These will be safe, useful, and effective. Fumes and chemicals from false eyelash glue should not enter your body in any way.

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