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What STD Smells Like Onions?

Read this article if you want to know what STD smells like onions. There is nothing wrong with the odour of the vaginal area. Each woman experiences it differently, and it varies according to her period. Some women may also notice an onion-smelling smell, which can be unpleasant. But what STD causes it?

Each vagina has its scent, which is typically gentle and natural. However, if you experience an onion smell, you may be suffering from an infection or another illness. Trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection are the prime STDs that can cause such an unpleasant smell.

What STD Smells Like Onions?

Following is a list of STDs that smell like onions.

1. Trichomoniasis

The most common STD that causes you to smell like an onion is trichomoniasis. This infection can produce an unpleasant discharge which can either be green or yellow. 

Sometimes, until the infection has been treated, the patient must abstain from sexual contact. It is essential to seek treatment from all sexual partners to prevent the disease from spreading. 

The development of trichomoniasis can occur when an active individual has sex without a condom with a trich partner. The infection usually affects the lower genital tract of women, but it is less common in men. 

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Men are more likely to develop a disease in the penis. As a result of sex, the penis can spread parasites to the vaginal area or vice versa. It can also occur between vaginas.

This parasite does not seem to be able to infect other body areas, such as the hands. Symptoms of the infection may be absent in some people while they experience symptoms in others.

A person’s age and health are probably determining factors. Those with trichomoniasis can transmit the infection to others, regardless of their symptoms.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis

Healthy, normal bacteria live in balance with harmful bacteria in the vagina. However, the pH balance can be upset from time to time by harmful bacteria growing and causing an imbalance. As a result, bacterial vaginosis occurs, resulting in a foul smell like onion. 

There is a very high rate of BV in the world today. The condition most commonly affects women in their reproductive years. However, women of any age can suffer from it. 

Some women do not experience symptoms. A thick discharge and itching are two of the most common symptoms.

3. Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast is a naturally occurring organism that contributes to maintaining vaginal health. Although it is beneficial for vaginal health, it can even cause infected vaginal tissues.

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Yeast infections can cause you to experience thick discharge. It is often odourless, but it can sometimes have an unpleasant smell like an onion. Antifungal medications are effective in treating the infection. 

In most cases of vaginal yeast infection, candida Albicans are the culprit. In your vagina, you have an optimal balance of bacteria and yeast. Some bacteria prevent excessive yeast growth. 

But there are times when that balance falls out of balance. When candida overgrows in the vaginal lining or penetrates deeper into the tissue, it causes yeast infection.


The doctor can determine if there is a cause for a vaginal odour similar to onions. Moreover, they will ask you whether you are experiencing any other symptoms. There is a possibility that infection with bacteria is causing the stink. 

In this case, the doctor will recommend antibiotics. However, there is a possibility that a person may require a preventative medication if they get infections frequently.

Keeping a food diary can be helpful if you experience mild onion-like odours in the vaginal area and would like to determine whether your diet contributes to the problem. 

If you eliminate foods with strong odours from your diet, your body may also change its scent. It can also be beneficial to practise better hygiene habits as well. The best way to reduce unpleasant odours is to shower more often and avoid using scented products.

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