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What Skincare Products Should Be Refrigerated?

It’s possible you’ve encountered a mini cosmetic fridge and wondered: What skincare products should be refrigerated? While it may sound weird, there are different benefits of keeping certain skincare products in the refrigerator. So, what skincare products should be refrigerated, and how does this benefit your cosmetics in the long run?

You should refrigerate water-based products and products that contain natural extracts. Also, products with a high level of active ingredients like Vitamin C are fit to be refrigerated. Examples of such products include serum, sheet masks, balm, aloe vera gel, eye cream, and face mists. Storing these products in the refrigerator preserves them and increases their functionality. 

There are probably many more you’ve not discovered about storing your cosmetics in a refrigerator. Continue with this exciting post to find out more about what skincare products should be refrigerated. 

How To Refrigerate Skincare Products

While many people may not know, it’s proper to refrigerate certain skincare products – not all. Before discussing refrigerating a skincare product, we should discuss the skincare fridge. Many may not know that there are refrigerators designed to store your makeup.

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Generally known as a beauty fridge, this refrigerator is one where you store cosmetics while keeping them cold. It’s usually small and portable, appearing in light colors and easily filled to the brim. What the beauty fridge does to your cosmetic products is pretty much like what a regular fridge does to meals.

It preserves the products, keeping them stable and retaining their efficacy. When you purchase numerous expensive cosmetic products, getting a beauty fridge might be good when you purchase numerous expensive cosmetic products decisions. When you purchase numerous expensive cosmetic products, It will help increase the shelf life of these products and eventually save you more.

What Skincare Products Should Be Refrigerated?

You should store your toner, face mists, face masks, moisturizers, sheet masks, and masks with gel-cream texture in a refrigerator. Generally, any product with gel textures is fit for refrigerators. Water-based products and naturally made products also benefit from freezing.

If you have benzoyl peroxide-based blemish treatments, you can store them in the refrigerator. These types of products help you treat acne and reduce blemishes. Products with active ingredients like vitamin C or retinol should also be refrigerated.

Many face materials function better after being refrigerated, so keeping certain face products refrigerated is advisable. If a product has a short expiry date, consider refrigerating as well. Gua sha and crystal rollers, which encourage lymphatic drainage and boost circulation, are considerably more effective when chilled.

Furthermore, you should bear in mind that it’s not all skincare products that are fit for refrigerating. You should shelf certain products to prevent the low temperature from damaging their potency.

Keep balms and oils at a reasonable temperature (room temperature). Exposure of these products to very low (or high) temperatures can cause them to split, separate, and even harden. Keep clay-based cleansers and masks on the bathroom shelf since they will freeze if kept in a cold place.

The product has no proven advantage from freezing when it comes to perfume and deodorants. However, there is no mention of potential damage either. Hence, to store your perfumes, you can keep them somewhere dark and cool, away from direct sunlight.

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Why Should You Refrigerate Skincare Products?

Now that you know what skincare products should be refrigerated, what do you gain from freezing them? Firstly, in terms of moisturizers, applying them cold will reduce redness and puffiness and soothe inflammation of pimples.

You gain several benefits from storing products that consist of purely natural contents. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, these products don’t usually have chemical preservatives. With a refrigerator, you can retain its freshness and naturally stop germs’ growth.

Furthermore, cool facial mists and toners refresh your skin, especially during hotter periods. Freezing also protects products that contain ingredients easily destroyed by sunlight or heat, like benzoyl peroxide. Lastly, keeping eye creams, serums, and masks in the fridge will improve their ability to minimize under-eye puffiness.


Now you know what skincare products should be refrigerated and what shouldn’t. Begin by getting yourself the beauty fridge, especially if you’re a traveling type who wants to be ready for anything.

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