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What Kind Of Hard Candy Can You Eat Before A Colonoscopy?

If you have an upcoming colonoscopy, you’re probably wondering: “What kind of hard candy can you eat before a colonoscopy?”. Preparing for a colonoscopy usually takes longer than the procedure itself. This is primarily due to dietary guidelines you must follow.

Anesthesiologists used to recommend that patients scheduled for colonoscopy avoid eating any food starting from the night before. But over the last decade, that has changed. That said, before a colonoscopy, you can only eat hard candy such as lemon drops and peppermint rounds. Surgical guidelines also stipulate that, 2 hours before a colonoscopy, a patient can eat mints and wine gums.

A colonoscopy is a medical treatment that lets doctors to examine your colon and rectum. It’s one of the best means for doctors to detect colon cancer and polyps in the colon. When you schedule a colonoscopy exam, your doctor will usually tell you what to expect and eat.

It’s important to know what kind of hard candy you can eat before a colonoscopy. That’s why, this article will highlight some of the hard candy you can eat before a colonoscopy.

What Kind of Hard Candy Can You Eat Before a Colonoscopy? 

Dietary preparations are an essential part of a colonoscopy. This includes what kind of hard candy you can eat before a colonoscopy.

Your doctor’s instructions determine the type of hard candy you can eat before a colonoscopy. In the days coming up to your colonoscopy, the doctor will advise you on what to eat and drink. Following your doctor’s instructions is vital to preventing mishaps. Misdiagnosis and missing colon polyps are two examples that you do not want.

Although doctors’ recommendations vary, the types of candy you can eat before a colonoscopy include lemon drops, peppermint rounds, and mints. You can also eat fruit pastels, wine gums, and foxes glacier.

However, you are not permitted to eat or drink anything four hours before your colonoscopy.

The United States Multi-Society Task Force frequently recommends a clear liquid diet before colonoscopy. This is done to ensure that your large intestines are empty to achieve reliable results. Because an empty colon means more visibility. It makes it easier for doctors to detect any abnormalities.

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What Kind of Hard Candy Should You Avoid Before a Colonoscopy?

Before a colonoscopy, you should avoid any hard candy that is red, pink, or purple, such as lifesavers. This is because these kinds of candy can stain the colon lining. Which can make it tricky to accurately identify colon polyps.

These colors also look like tiny amounts of blood in the colonoscopy camera view. Typically, it has little to do with the chemical used to make the candies. These can give the impression that there’s blood in the colon when there isn’t. Therefore, candies in these colors should be avoided to ensure an accurate examination.

In fact, even sophisticated colonoscopy cameras still have difficulty distinguishing certain candy dyes like red from blood, according to an article published in the journal Endoscopy.

In the worst outcome, these colors might lead to doctors incorrectly identifying something during a colonoscopy. You’ll need to return for another colonoscopy examination in the best-case scenario.

To be safe, stick to green and yellow hard candy only. That means you can enjoy lemon, lime, and jolly rancher candies. To be on the side of caution, always double-check any red or pink dye ingredients.

The Bottom Line

When you’re going to get a colonoscopy, the last thing on your mind is what kind of candy you can eat. Bear in mind that these are merely guidelines. The precise directions may vary depending on the doctor and practice.

Finally, check with your doctor if you’re unsure about what kind of candy you can eat before a colonoscopy. You must adhere to the dietary recommendations provided by your doctor.

Remember that while you can’t eat your favorite hard candies, a colonoscopy can save your life. Last year, approximately 52,980 Americans died from colon cancer. Several of these losses might have been averted with early diagnosis.

A colonoscopy is the only procedure that enables your doctor to examine your colon for colon cancer. According to studies, approximately one in every three adults between 45 to 75 years old do not go for the required colon cancer screening. Now that you know what kind of candy you can eat before a colonoscopy, you can prepare better. 

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