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What Is the Average Mile Time For A 14-Year-Old?

Are you a teen asking, ‘what is the average mile time for a 14-year-old?’. Running speed varies from person to person due to several factors such as age, gender, and fitness level.

In a nutshell, a runner can take about 6-12 minutes to complete a one-mile race. On the other hand, walkers can complete a mile in 15 to 20 minutes. In general, anything less than 15 minutes running a mile is perfect. However, boys are faster than girls. Therefore the mile time for a boy is lower than that of a girl.

What is the Average Mile Time for a 14-Year-Old Boy?

If you are one of the top-class runners, taking about 7 minutes and 20 minutes for a mile is fast. In women, this pace was achieved by a 28 years-old girl. But for an average male athlete, 8 minutes and 15 seconds for a mile deserve a thumbs up.

What is the Average Mile Time for a 14-Year-Old Girl?

Girls run at a slower pace than boys. When girls are 10 to 14 years old, their average time to run a mile improves from 11 minutes 22 seconds to about 10 minutes 6 seconds.

What is a Decent 1 Mile Run Time?

If you are a healthy athlete running a 1-mile race, a good time to complete the race is about 6 to 9 minutes. For a non-competitive runner, 9 to 10 minutes is considered fit. However, professional marathon runners take 4 to 5 minutes to run one mile.

On average, a good mile time for all genders and ages is 7 minutes and 7 seconds. Besides, the fastest a person can run a mile is 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

How Fast Should a 14-Year-Old Teen Run?

Estimating how fast a 14-year should run is challenging because it largely depends on your location. However, the percentile value shows that 11% of 14-year-olds run at a speed of 9.38m/s.

In 1973, Sadie Englehardt broke the world’s record for 14-year olds after running at 4:40 in a race held by Mary Decker.

How Many Times Should a 14-Year-Old Run in a Week?

For 14-year olds training to be athletes, it is crucial to have a fitness training program. According to Running Recommendations Experts, the weekly training distances should not exceed double your competition distances. Besides, kids in this age group should only run thrice per week. If you are above 15 years, you can run 5 times a week.

At What Age Can a Child Run a Mile?

There is no specific age for running a mile. However, some runners recommend that kids below the age of 10 should not run over a mile. This will prevent the possibility of overexertion and injury.

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Is 6 Minutes a Good Mile Time for a 14-Year-Old?

If a 14-year old boy takes 6 minutes to run a mile, that is good, and if he manages 5 minutes, that would be excellent. On the other hand, the average mile time at 14 for a girl is 7 to 10. Therefore, anything below 7 deserves a clap.

Can You Enhance Your Running Speed?

If you want to increase your running speed as a teenager, here are some tips for you;

Lifestyle changes– It is crucial to make lifestyle changes such as eating healthy meals, quality sleep, and plenty of water. It helps your body become fit and attain the average mile time for a 14-year-old.

Doing warm-ups– before you begin your running workouts, do a warm-up of about 10 to 15 minutes. Also, finish with a cool down.

Try different exercises– Implement body workouts such as yoga, dancing, and tai chi to move your body for flexibility.

Alternate your running routine with strength training– Have a balance between the two and include more stretches to make your body loose and flexible.

Make an effort to increase your endurance and muscle mass– in your workouts, challenge yourself with moderate to high-intensity activities. Besides, include activities such as swimming and biking to build your speed.

Take a rest– don’t forget to rest as you train to increase your running speed. Take a full day in a week to relax.

You can start the training with 20 to 30 minutes sessions for teens new to running. As you keep training, increase the time to become more fit.


The average time to run a mile depends on several factors like gender and age. A 14-year can run a mile in about 7 minutes for a boy and 10 minutes for a girl. However, some kids have broken the record and ran a mile in less than 5 minutes. If you are looking forward to being an athlete in your teenage life, you can go for training to increase your running speed.

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