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What Is Grass-Fed Collagen?

When you talk about the sources of collagen, you might come across the term and wonder: What is Grass-Fed Collagen? Aside from the definition of this substance, you might also wonder what it contains and how it helps the human system. However, to begin, what is grass-fed collagen, and how did the name come to be?

Grass-fed collagen is a term that describes the collagen you get after cooking the bones of grass-fed livestock. Unlike regular collagen from boiling the bones of any animal, this specifically refers to cattle fed only grass. This type of collagen offers similar health benefits to the bones, joints, and skin. It also has no side effects. 

There are many types of collagen, just as there are many types of bones, and grass-fed collagen is an example. Keep reading for deeper insight on ‘what is grass-fed collagen?’ and figure out why it’s good for you. 

What Is Grass-Fed Collagen?

Collagen is not a new term when it comes to nutrition and dieting. It is a standard protein-rich particle in the body and is responsible for the makeup of the bones and muscles. Without collagen, one can imagine the consequence to be a faster rate of aging. 

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For this reason, science has introduced supplemental collagen in different forms, from powder to capsules. The goal of supplemental collagen is to provide collagen contents for the body when it begins to wear out. 

Collagen supplements can come from various animals, including bovine, porcine, and marine animals. The bovines include cattle, bison, African buffalo, water buffalo, antelopes, and so on.

Grass-fed collagen is collagen obtained from the bones of grass-fed cattle. These animals must have been fed only grass or forage during the growing season, save for milk taken before weaning. All through their lifespan, they must have nothing but natural pasture.

As a result, cattle reared on grain or in feedlots are unsuitable for this product.

Why Use Grass-Fed Collagen?

You may wonder what makes grass-fed collagen different from other types and why people seem to prefer it? Firstly, Grass-fed beef collagen is of higher quality. This is evident as these grass-fed animals were grown under more stringent circumstances.

Grain-fed animals will have a weaker immune system of their upbringing, so the farmer supplements them with antibiotics. As they receive these drugs, it tarnishes the quality of their flesh, bones, tendons, and joints. The quality becomes questionable when these parts come together to make collagen powder.

However, on the other hand, grass-fed cattle have natural antibodies from the meadows they graze on. Their bones, joints, and tendons remain strong as they feed on what they are naturally supposed to. When you get the collagen from these animals, the quality is perfect.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Grass-Fed Collagen? 

Grass-fed collagen offers several health benefits, especially as one gets older. Here are some benefits of grass-fed collagen:

It Supports Nails And Hair Growth

Regular intake of grass-fed collagen boosts your hair and nails. A study has proven that the protein-rich properties of the substance promote hair growth and strengthen the nails.

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Grass-Fed Collagen Renews The Skin

The natural collagen in the body is responsible for young, glowing skin. Promoting the collagen in your body with grass-fed collagen hydrates and plumps your skin. Hence, it helps in managing and slowing down the aging process.

It Boosts Muscle Strength

Every type of protein is essential for the function and development of the muscles. Grass-fed collagen is no different in having this impact on the muscles. With grass-fed collagen, your muscles and joints become stronger, reducing your risk of sarcopenia. 

It Aids Digestion

We often damage our intestinal tissues from eating the wrong foods and undergoing stress. This damage can lead to a potential injury when leakage occurs in the intestines. However, with collagen being a component of the intestine connective tissue, it assists in the healing of guts and food digestion.


You should have comprehensive information on the topic, ‘what is grass-fed collagen?’ At this point, you should also know the health benefits this form of collagen offers you. Interestingly, it is also completely safe, and you should experience no effects with proper, rationalized intake.

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