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Side Effects of Using a Cane

As someone who has used a cane for mobility for a while, you might ask, “what are the side effects of using a cane?” Many doctors recommend using a cane for better walking after an injury or other leg-related issues. However, using a cane may come with some side effects. So, what are those side effects?

Using a cane can cause back and chest pains. It is also common to experience numbness in the fingers and hands after using a cane for an extended period. For someone with mobility issues, using a cane may cause a lot of stress on the mind. So, if you are not used to using a cane, it can cause anxiety in social situations.

Common Side Effects of Using a Cane

Using a cane often results in the following side effects.

1. Chest & Back Pain

Using the wrong cane or incorrect use may lead to back and chest pain. Pain in the chest can be sharp or dull. You may also experience swelling or burning due to chest pain. If you experience chest pain, you should see a doctor right away. 

In addition, if you use a cane that does not fit your height and does not have enough length, you will have to lean forwards, resulting in back pain. It is essential to treat back pain properly because it can be excruciating.

2. Numbness & Blisters

Numbness of fingers and hand is one of the most common side effects of using a cane for a more extended period. If you don’t place soft padding on the cane, it might hurt your fingers and joints.

It is not only the fingers and hands that are constantly under pressure when using a cane but also the nerves in the arms. Therefore, you should be careful when using a cane & take a break from it.

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Other than numbness, constant use of a cane without soft padding may also cause blisters on the hands. If you put a lot of stress on your fingers for holding the cane, blisters may appear.

It may also happen if you are not wearing gloves while holding the cane. The best way to prevent blisters is to give proper padding, decrease the use of canes, and wear gloves.

3. Social Anxiety

For someone who has difficulty moving around, using a cane certainly adds a lot of pressure to the mind. Due to this, a person can begin to feel social anxiety

An issue such as this is not efficiently dealt with & affects both everyday living and the quality of one’s relationships. As a result of their handicap, people are frequently worried that they won’t be able to adjust to a society of their own.

 To overcome social anxiety, try to pay attention to the world around you instead of focusing on your thoughts.

4. Muscle & Joint Pain

It is inevitable that long-term use of the cane eventually leads to joint and muscle aches. If you misuse the cane, you will experience muscle and joint pain for a long time until you can correct your technique. 

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Because of a cane, your body can suffer from severe joint pain, hurting your life. Suppose you are already suffering from joint and muscle pain due to incorrect cane usage. In that case, you can fix it by performing a few treatments.

Exercise and home treatments can help you to alleviate your pain. You can consider using ice packs to reduce inflammation and improve circulation around your joint and muscles to overcome pain.


You are aware of the various dangers of using a cane from this article. As you can see, they can be a significant threat to our health and quality of life. 

It is advisable to properly use the cane to prevent the dangers associated with its use. Every person should learn how to properly use a cane & buy the correct cane to suit their needs. 

Cane users cannot overlook its side effects when using their cane. Long-term use of an unsuitable cane may also result in additional health issues. Hopefully, I have alerted you to the potential danger in time for you to take the necessary measures.

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