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My Throat Hurts When I Touch It On The Outside

You may often wonder: Why does my throat hurt when I touch it on the outside? It’s a common problem that may occur for several reasons. Though many of these reasons are unserious, they often demand you see a doctor. 

Your throat hurts when you touch it on the outside for several reasons. It usually stands as a medical condition symptom like ordinary flu, sore throat, and muscle strains. However, it’s a symptom of diseases like mononucleosis and even cancer in more severe cases. You may solve it quickly at home sometimes or may need to consult your doctor. 

There is so much discomfort from neck pains, but there are ways to avoid and cure them. If you’re wondering, ‘why does my throat hurt when I touch it on the outside,’ don’t be alarmed and keep reading. 

Why Does My Throat Hurt When I Touch It on the Outside?

Several factors could be behind the pain you feel when you touch your throat from the outside. Most times, in this condition, you might not find it difficult to chew or even speak. This is because the source of the pain is not internal.

However, touching the neck on the outside is where you feel the pain. The common cause of this pain is a sore throat which can arise from several diseases. You can feel sore throats from minor reactions and allergies to complex flu and infections.

Another cause of the pain you feel in your throat when you touch it is swollen lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are present as antibodies that trap diseases and infections before they spread. Sometimes, when they get infected with bacteria, they may swell and lead to pain in your throat.

In other cases, accidents can cause a medical situation known as whiplash, inducing external pain in the throat. Your pain could simply be the consequence of a bad fall or even a terrible way of head positioning while sleeping. 

However, the pain may stem from deadlier diseases like cancer or heart attacks.

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How Do I Prevent My Throat from Hurting When I Touch It on the Outside?

You don’t have to undergo the burden of experiencing such pains around your throat. With some basic preventive measures, you can avoid this health condition altogether.

First, consider your basic habits like smoking and drinking. A practice like smoking can make your throat dry and coarse, resulting in a sore throat. 

Also, cultivate habits that help you stay clear from cold and flu, the most common causes of sore throats. Always wash your hands to cleanse them off germs that could accumulate in the throat when you ingest them. In no time, the actions of these germs will leave your throat raw and itchy, resulting in a burning sensation.

Cough is an airborne disease and may spread through the air. Therefore, maintain distance from ill folks and use a face mask where necessary. Don’t go ahead sharing utensils with just anyone when eating.

Lastly, eat healthily and give your body the vitamins to fight disease-causing germs. Keep your hands away from your face and drink plenty of water.

What Do I Do If My Throat Hurts When I Touch It on the Outside?

When you feel this uneasiness, you’ll want quick relief. Though this is not always the case, the speed of recovery depends on the illness you’re treating. You can carry out these simple exercises if you feel your throat hurts when you touch it on the outside.’

Gargle with Salt Water

Salt kills bacteria present and helps relieve the pain from the sore throat. Mix a little salt in warm water, rinse your mouth with the mixture and spit it out.

Drink the Appropriate Fluids

Take enough water and avoid dehydration which will make the itching much worse. Drink beverages that will soothe the pain, especially warm mixtures. You can try mixing honey with warm water for a calming effect.

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Avoid Allergies

Stay away from factors that will encourage the intensity of your condition. There’s no point treating yourself while the allergy is still around. Pinpoint the reason behind the reaction and erase those factors from your environment.

Have Enough Rest

Don’t just rest your head but also relax your voice. Straining your voice for too long worsens the situation.


The measures above will help if you have the complaint ‘my throat hurts when I touch it on the outside.’ However, if the problem only worsens, don’t hesitate to see the doctor instantly.

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