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Is TRESemmé Bad for Your Hair?

Is TRESemmé bad for your hair? Everyone worldwide knows TRESemmé for its luxurious yet inexpensive shampoos. However, over the years, many have started to doubt the effectiveness of this product and whether it’s genuinely suitable. 

TRESemmé is bad for your hair, especially after using it for a long time. Indeed, they are affordable and help you cut down on the cost. Still, they contain very brash ingredients like many other drugstore shampoos you can find. These ingredients are bound to react with your hair and eventually cause serious damage in a matter of time. 

Like every product, the ingredients count a lot in determining the ultimate result on your hair. Keep reading to discover more answers to your question, ‘is TRESemmé bad for your hair?’ 

What is TRESemmé? 

TRESemmé has enticed people with different hair products and appliances for hair boost for over sixty years. It remains one of the top hair care lines with salon-quality products for men and women. 

One of the reasons the brand stood out so quickly was its convenience. Their products make it easy to care for and style your hair from the comfort of your home.

As they claim, every woman is to look splendid, like she had just exited the salon without spending much. For this reason, TRESemmé products are highly affordable, everything coming at a fraction of what it costs. This remains another feature that has kept TRESemmé in the market till today.

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Furthermore, the company put a claim on having quality products. However, this has led to doubt, and many users now ask, ‘is TRESemmé bad for your hair?’. A deeper look into the ingredients should give answers to such a question.

What Ingredients Are in TRESemmé?

Before answering your question, ‘is TRESemmé bad for your hair?’, let’s look at some basic ingredients in this product. 

Firstly, it consists of conditioning agents which comprise several complex chemicals like PPG-9 and Dimethiconol. They help soften the hair and ensure it maintains a good texture.

Like other products, it has common preservatives like sodium benzoate. These are present in the shampoos especially and keep away the action of organisms when it contacts water.

It has colour oxides, dyes, and others that serve as colourants. They make the products more appealing. 

Again, some chemicals serve as perfumes to give it its fragrance, like Limonene. Lastly, TRESemmé has surfactants that fight the dirt and destroy the oil bits in the hair and scalp. There are also thickeners like carbomer for a stable texture of the shampoo.

Is TRESemmé Bad for Your Hair?

Unfortunately, TRESemmé is bad for your hair. Its downfall began when a customer’s hair loss post went viral, and action against Unilever started. After intense research, they discovered that TRESemmé has specific components that can cause severe hair damage.

Here are key ingredients that cause damage.

DMDM Hydantoin

This chemical is the primary component that makes TRESemmé extremely dangerous for you. Its job in the shampoo is to ensure there is no growth of germs in the products over time. However, this drug is hazardous and can cause several skin diseases and even cancer.

It releases a chemical when it contacts water which the skin absorbs into the bloodstream. Also, it causes irritation in the organs and even exposure to carcinogens.

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The use of such chemicals is so terrible that Unilever announced a change in upcoming batches. Nevertheless, the old batches remain in the market circulation.


Although present in TRESemmé for cleansing, this chemical equally strips colour off your natural hair. Furthermore, it contributes massively to the drying of the hair and scalp.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate

Sodium Laureth Sulphate is present in TRESemmé for destroying dirt and germs. Ironically, it is one of the harshest in the cosmetic field. 

This ingredient is too brutal on the skin and can dry up the hair strands and scalp. Constant usage will expose your hair to reactions and make it extremely sensitive. Ultimately, it will lead to weaker follicles and hair loss.


Next time you ask, ‘is TRESemmé bad for your hair?’, remember there are several harmful chemicals in the product. In the makeup of the fragrance alone, over ten ingredients can cause allergies and irritation. 

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