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Is Lotion Good For Your Hair?

When you run out of hair moisturizer, you may wonder if lotion is good for your hair. Lotion may seem like the perfect solution. After all, it’s slippery and contains moisturizing properties. But have you ever thought about whether it is ideal for your hair?

Yes, you can apply body lotion to your hair. It can tame curly hair when you’re on the go if you don’t have a hair moisturizer handy. However, body lotion is manufactured for your skin, which may not be suitable for your hair. Prolonged use of lotion on your hair can lead to graying, fallout, dandruff, and greasing.

If you’re wondering if lotion is good for your hair or if there are better alternatives, you’re in the right place. We will discuss this in detail. Let’s dive right in.

What Are Body Lotions?

Body lotions are common substances people use daily to moisturize their skin. However, they come in various forms depending on their ingredients. Some of the common elements in a body lotion are fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, and non-water soluble silicones.

Lotions are manufactured to keep your skin moisturized. Hence, they work well on your skin, and it may not be a good idea to use them on your hair.

What Are the Effects of Using Lotion on Your Hair?

Sometimes, people use lotions on their hair because they are unaware of hair moisturizers. Also, you can use them sparingly when your hair moisturizer runs out. The lotion may help to smoothen your hair and tame curls.

Lotion can also give your hair some fragrance and add moisture. However, there are drawbacks to using lotion on your hair.

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Hair Greasing

Skin lotions are made with more moisturizing elements compared to hair moisturizers. This is because they are meant for the skin only. Since your skin’s texture is different from that of your hair, body lotion can cause your hair to become greasy.  

Hair Discoloration

Your hair can turn gray when you use body lotion as a moisturizer. This is because lotions contain aromatic chemicals that lead to discoloration. These chemicals are suitable for your skin, but when exposed to the hair, they can cause graying.


As we mentioned before, lotions can cause your hair to be greasy. An oily scalp leads to dandruff. This is because the pH of skincare products is different from that of hair products. As a result, prolonged use of lotions on your hair causes a flaky scalp.

Hair Loss

When using body lotion on your hair becomes a habit, you are putting it at risk. Prolonged use of lotions on your hair weakens your hair strands. When the strands are weak, there will be breakage, and the hair will fall out.

Is Lotion Good for Your Hair?

It is not wrong to apply lotion to your hair when you have run out of your hair moisturizer. You can use a small amount to add moisture to your hair, tame curls, or add fragrance. However, it’s not a suitable hair product because it’s meant for skincare only. 

There are multi-use products you can find in the market meant for skin and hair care. However, if you doubt whether the lotion fits your hair, you can consult your hairstylist. Below are some alternatives you can use for moisturizing your hair based on hair type.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you may have experienced dryness on your scalp. This is because curly hair is the most susceptible to dryness. When you overwash or over style it, the condition may worsen.

You can treat dry curly hair by using deep moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Get those with plant oils such as coconut, avocado, and almond because they help seal in moisture.

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Thick and Coarse Hair

If your hair is thick and has moved from dry to coarse, a deep moisturizing treatment is best. Shea butter is known for treating such hair because of its high fatty acid and antioxidants content. 

Fine Hair

People with fine hair rarely experience hair dryness because the sebaceous glands in their scalp release sebum. This naturally moisturizes your hair. However, if your hair becomes dry, you can treat it with a lightweight shampoo and conditioner meant for fine hair.

Mature Hair

Because of the natural aging process, mature and gray hair tends to be drier. You can use a deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner plus a leave-in moisturizing spray to treat dryness. Also, you can reduce the number of times you wash your hair in a week.


Is lotion good for hair? That is the question that usually comes to mind when you don’t have a hair moisturizer. Using lotion sparingly is not a bad idea, but it is meant for skincare. Besides, using it for an extended period can lead to premature hair graying, greasing, and dandruff. Therefore, consider having a hair moisturizer to keep your hair healthy.

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