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How to Use a Nail Drill

Nail drills are cutting-edge beauty tools professionals use in salons and manicure parlours. They are utilized in place of traditional manual files and can save you a lot of stress. However, if you have never used this equipment, you might want to know how to use a nail drill.

When working with a nail drill on natural nails, use tiny circular motions while keeping the drill flat on the pin. To finish, use a buffer to give your nails a shine. Push your cuticles back initially and gradually work your way up to a speed of 6,000 RPM. Using this tool requires practice and sticking to several safety measures.

An electric nail drill is a tool for shaping the length and breadth of your nails to an appropriate size. You must understand how the machine works before handing it in to avoid accidents. Here, you will learn how to use a nail drill on natural nails and choose the best electric drill.

What’s the Best Nail Drill to Purchase?

Not every electric nail file is excellent. You won’t get much use from a cheap one from a bargain retailer. Decide on the suitable model for you before leaping. You may need to try many models before settling on one that meets your criteria.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to know what makes up for a good drill and avoid wasting your money on a drill that fails. It’s imperative to consider these four factors before purchasing a nail drill:

1. Models with Low Vibration

You will use a nail drill for a long time when working on your hands and toes. This is most likely if you’re using it for commercial purposes. A low vibration nail drill is advisable because vibrations can harm your nails and wrist, especially if you hold the drill for long. 

Best of all, low vibration drills are easy to file; it provides a safer, more precise drill.

2. Reduced Speed

Natural nails don’t require the use of a high-speed nail drill. When using a nail drill on your natural nails, you should only file at 2,500 to 6,000 RPM speeds. Unless you plan to use your nail drill to drill acrylics, you can go for a nail drill with 25,000 RPM or more.


3. Options for Drill Bits

There are a variety of drill bits, and each one serves a specific purpose. In any case, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the correct bits. 

Nail drills that come with various standard bits or are simple to switch out are the best choices. It’s best for new users who may wish to experiment with multiple bits before settling on one.

4. Drills of the Best Quality

The quality of the nail drill you choose will depend on how often you plan to use it and who else will be using it with you. If you want to run a spa, you should consider getting quality nail drills. Although they’re pricey, they’ll save you money in the long term.

Furthermore, you won’t have to stress nail drill bit sizes if you choose a high-quality one. The best drills can typically work with a wide range of file sizes. That way, you won’t have to deal with a nail filing area either too little or too large.

In summary, the best nail drill to purchase is adaptable to all standard drill sizes and does not have many vibrating drill bits. The drill should also have enough power for prolonged operation, be of good quality, and it should include a warranty or at least technical support.

How to Use a Nail Drill on Your Natural Nails

Although handling a nail drill requires caution and extra care, especially for beginners. However, this step-by-step guide would teach you how to use a nail drill for the first time.

First, you need to get rid of any dead skin present on your body. Then, gently but firmly, push back the cuticles. 

You risk damaging or cracking your natural nails if you aren’t cautious; therefore, keep your nail drill at a speed between 2,500 and 6,000 RPM. 

Also, as you’re working, make sure to maintain the bit flat against the nail. You should hold the drill at a horizontal angle while you operate. 

You’ll have more control over the situation this way. Move the nail drill in circular motions from one side of your nail to the other, then file them down.

The next step is to use a buffer to maintain your nails shiny and smooth. This part of the nail filling procedure that I enjoy the most since it is the most gratifying, enjoyable, and soothing. After applying a lotion to your natural nails, use the cotton buffer in the drill kit to gently buff your nails.

In addition to keeping your nails beautiful, this technique also rejuvenates the skin around them. 


A wide choice of equipment and tools is all you need to become an expert in your field. If you’re starting, it’s a good idea to practice at various speeds. Practice with your friends and on yourself when you’re ready.

You may also get specific drill bits and buffer tools from beauty supply stores in your location. Take your time to learn how to operate an electric nail drill properly and completely clean all of your drill bits before using it for the first time. Once you know how to use a nail drill, you can launch into full operation. 

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