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How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally 

If you aim for a fully natural look at all times, you may want to learn how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally. This may help if you’ve had damaged eyelashes or you just want to take a break from using a curler.

When it comes to curling and lifting your eyelashes naturally, you can either use a mascara or the spooning method. There are chemical-based eyelash treatments and eyelash curlers that may enhance a natural look. However, they can cause harm to your lashes and even your eyelid.

If you want to learn how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally without using an eyelash curler, go no further than this article.

The Benefits of Training Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

Although most natural curling methods are not permanent, you will be able to avoid using an eyelash curler for a few weeks. Compared to eyelashes extensions applied to your hairline with an adhesive, these are more natural-looking and less expensive.

The “how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally” DIY techniques employ the use of less harmful equipment to maintain its curled shape. People adore this approach because it offers them a natural-looking lift, unlike extensions, which may seem costume-y if done poorly.

What You Should Know About Training Your Eyelashes to Curl Naturally

Taking appropriate care of your eyelashes might be something you sometimes overlook. Nonetheless, if you want to achieve naturally curled and thick eyelashes, you need to take good care of your lashes. Also, you need to follow each and every step of the DIY techniques to get beautifully curled and raised lashes.

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Here are a few tips to know if you want to know how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally.

  • Moisturizing your eyelashes regularly is essential if you want them to seem not just thick and curled but healthy as well.
  • Do not overdo it with the eyelash products and oils you’re applying. Coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are all-natural options. However, you should not apply too much.
  • Keep your lashes silky by brushing them regularly. Massage them often to stimulate blood flow.
  • Don’t hastily rub the area around your eyes to avoid damaging your delicate eyelashes.
  • Do not use a harsh cleanser on your face to avoid drying out your eyelids and eyelash follicles.
  • To prevent eye irritation, make sure you remove your mascara every night before going to bed. Mascara left on overnight can weaken and damage your eyelashes, so it’s best to remove it before going to sleep.

How to Train Your Eyelashes to Curl Naturally

If you’d like to give your eyelashes a rest from harsh equipment, there are several techniques you may try. These techniques include:

1. Spoon Method

The spoon method is one of the most common ways to train your eyelashes to curl naturally. This is an excellent option if you want your lashes to have a deep curve.

  • Pick up a clean spoon. Use an alcohol pad or wash it to remove any remaining food particles if you’ve had it in your drawer for some time. This is only to ensure there are no germs remnants that might potentially damage your eye. 
  • Make sure the spoon is the same diameter as your eye. You can use either a teaspoon or a tablespoon, depending on the size of your eyes.
  • Warm up the spoon. This is the secret to a long-lasting curl. Run the spoon under warm water. You should dry it off as soon as it’s heated.
  • Afterward, place the spoon horizontally against the lid of your eye. The spoon’s convex side should be pointing outward. Place the spoon’s edge as close to your lash line as possible to achieve the most natural-looking curl.
  • Place the spoon between your eyelashes and use the other hand to hold them in place. Use your fingertip to keep them in place. Don’t press too hard to avoid tearing your lashes out of the follicle. 
  • Hold them up until the spoon has cooled, which should take no longer than 30 seconds. Repeat as needed to get the desired curl. After the first eye, make sure to re-heat the spoon and resume the procedure.
  • After following this procedure, you should know how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally.

2. Mascara Method

This will be a perfect moment to see if your mascara’s “lifting” claims are true. You’ll only need your favorite mascara for this procedure. 

  • To guarantee that any curl you manage to generate lasts throughout the day, use a waterproof hairspray. Make sure you have a good makeup remover on hand.
  • The key to this technique is mastering the art of applying mascara correctly. The spoolie is usually combed through your hair after curling it. However, this time you’ll want to wriggle the brush through your hairs in a zig-zag motion to create lots of clump-free lashes.
  • After applying the mascara, take your spoolie and run it through the hairs one more time, keeping them held up at the tip. Remove the spoolie when your mascara has dried fully.
  • The lash is successfully immobilized by using this procedure, which keeps it upright.
  • After following this procedure, you should know how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally.

Other methods on how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally include:


Using a lash curler frequently might cause your eyelashes to fall out and damage your eyelashes. So it’s best to curl your lashes at home with DIY techniques like Vaseline, aloe vera gel, and more. You can also try natural alternatives like using spoons and cotton swabs, and heavy layers of mascara.

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