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How To Tell Your Nail Tech What You Want

Do you have an appointment to get your nails done but wonder how to tell your nail tech what you want? Sometimes, taking the first trip anywhere can be such a daunting task. Having your nails done at a salon and getting the results you want can be unpredictable. Especially if you’re a new customer visiting a new salon or a new nail technician.

If you want to let your nail tech know what you prefer, you should know what you want and be sure of the specifics. Take time to adequately research the shape, length, type of nails, etc. And ensure you’ve decided before heading to your appointment. Communicate your preferences to your nail technician in a friendly manner. And show them pictures if you can.

It is essential to let the nail technician know exactly what you want to prevent wrong presumptions or misunderstandings. A nail tech nailing the exact pattern or style of nails her customer wants is more likely to get her as a regular. 

The Nail Technician And You

Nail service is a very personal service. The nail technician and a customer sit across from each other for hours with just a narrow table in-between. Your nail tech serves many customers daily, and you may just be another customer, so you want to stand out. 

There are ways to leave an impression on your nail tech, making her pay more attention to you and what you want. The number one way is to get actively involved during the process. Now choosing nails can be quite a complicated process. 

There are so many options to select from, and if you have not decided before coming, it may seem like a monumental task. You’ll have to request the type of manicure you desire. The options range from standard nail polish, acrylic, gel, and dip powder. 

The shape and color need to be decided as well. You also have a variety of nail art to choose from you want. This is why you need to have a rapport with your nail technician and get involved in the process. She has a skill set on these things and would offer advice best for you. An excellent nail appointment is where both client and nail technician go home happy.

Communicating Your Preferences to Your Nail Tech

How To Tell Your Nail Tech What You Want?

There is a manner and approach that you would pass across your requests that would make your nail tech listen. You should be aware of how to communicate what you want to your nail tech in a clear and friendly manner. Like many people, your nail technician may not respond well when you tell her what to do. 

Once she senses that her customer will be bossy, she puts up her guard and turns off her creativity. In a delicate line of service such as nail service, creativity is one side of the coin, with the other being excellent skills. 


Skills give good nails while creativity birth a great set of nails. A nail technician will try and rush her job if she feels the customer is going to be bossy and demanding.

So, when next you’re communicating your expectations to your nail tech, try and use a friendly tone. It will likely smooth things over and make her more responsive to your nail needs. 

When Should You Tell Your Nail Tech What You Want?

Suppose you’re going to a nail technician you’ve never been to before. In that case, she cannot possibly know your preferences and concerns about the service you came for. You should be able to relay these concerns to your nail tech before she begins. This way, she’ll have a good understanding of her customer and how best to go about her job for you.

If your preferences are complicated for you to remember, you can write them down on a piece of paper. This will help you remember all the details you want to convey. And you can simply take it with you to your next nail appointment. You can also take a picture of nails similar to what you want. This way, your nail tech can see the length and shape of the nails you prefer. 

Pay attention to what she’s doing. If anything looks different from what you have stipulated, you can let her know before she’s gone too far. Don’t wait until she finishes the job before letting her know that you do not like them. 

This would force her to redo your nails and make you sit there for twice as long as you would have done. Remember to pass across your displeasure kindly and in a friendly tone.

Why Should You Tell Your Nail Tech What You Want?

A good nail tech would appreciate you telling her your specifications. This would prevent avoidable misunderstandings and make sure you get what you want. It would also be more time effective as she has all the information she needs from the beginning of the appointment.

Understand Your Nail Tech

It’s easy to download pictures off the internet and expect your nail tech to recreate them. However, your nail tech may not possess the skill set required to pull off specific designs. So maybe don’t set your expectations too high, especially if the pictures you get off the internet are not your nail tech’s work.


Remember that your nail tech is someone who has a skill set you don’t possess. So when your competent nail tech recommends something reasonable or appropriate, you should consider her advice before you finally decide what you want.

Making an Appointment

Most clients that book an appointment will leave the salon with a smile on their faces. This is because both the client and nail tech have allocated adequate time to do nails.

Booking an appointment provides adequate time for the nail tech to prepare appropriately to offer the service. While the customer won’t be in a hurry to leave therefore rushing the nail tech.

Take a look at what they offer and ask questions if you’re unsure. If you don’t know the actual names of the nails you want, you can always describe the procedure. A competent nail technician should determine the type of service you want.


When telling your nail tech what you want, the most important thing is to be courteous and clear about what you want. Speak to your nail tech before any work is done to ensure that they know your requirements. But don’t expect the nail tech to have the skills to pull off a random design you found online. 

Each nail tech has their strengths, weaknesses, and specialization. Ask her whether she is capable of doing what you’re asking her to do. And be ready to accept a compromise based on what the nail tech is comfortable with. With this in mind, you should find that your trips to the salon are far more fruitful going forward.

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