How To Keep A Headband From Slipping

Are you struggling to keep a headband from slipping? You are certainly not alone. Headbands look super cute with dresses and even casual clothes. But they might get a little too much to handle at times. 

There are several ways to stop the headband from slipping. You can use a hair spray and secure the band with bobby pins. Or use headbands that have Velcro to hold them in place. Ribbon headbands have also become popular since they don’t easily slide down. You can also get creative and add puffy paint to your hairband to stop it from slipping.

Whether you are in the middle of a run or at a party, headbands pick the wrong time to slip off. It’s crucial that you establish the best way to keep your headband from slipping. The article How to keep a headband from slipping will offer you techniques you can use in your day-to-day life.

Ways to Keep a Headband From Slipping

Headbands are ideal for holding your hair back, but only when slipping. Here are a few temporary and permanent fixes you can use to keep your headband from slipping.

  1. Using Hairspray and Bobby Pins

Hairspray and bobby pins are the perfect quick fix for your slipping headbands. There isn’t much preparation or effort required. Here is how you can stop the headband from slipping with just these two items.

  • Ensure your hair is smooth and tangle-free by brushing it back. Now create a neat bun or medium-high ponytail. This will be the way you’ll be keeping your hair for the remainder of the day. So, try making it neatly and nicely. 
  • Use a light misting of your hairspray to the top and side part of your head. It’s best to concentrate only on the part where your headband will sit. Let the hairspray dry. If you do not have hairspray, you can also use dry shampoo.
  • Now pull the headband down your head. Pull the front part back up to sit just behind your hairline. The rest of your headband should sit at the back of your ears and the bottom of your skull.
  • Slide a bobby pin onto the headband behind each of your ears. Make sure that the tips are pointing forwards towards your face. This will stop the headband from slipping. One bobby pin behind each ear would be enough.
  • Slide additional bobby pins at the back to hold your headband in place, crossing them over each other to make an “X”. Make sure that the wavy side is facing down and the flat side is facing up.

Your headband is now secure and will not slip back. This technique for keeping the headband from slipping is best for elastic headbands and silk scarves. 

  1. Adding Puffy Paints to Your Headbands

If you are looking for an artsy way to keep the headbands from slipping, adding puffy paint is a good idea. It does require a little time and preparation. Your headband and tube of puffy paint is all you need. Here is how you can stop the headband from slipping with paint. 

  • Get your headband. You can use thick workout headbands or ribbon-like headbands. 
  • Now flip the headband inside-out. The backside with the seam running down its length should be in the front. 
  • Grab the tube of puffy paint, preferably in a color close to that of your headband. If you do not have puffy paint, hot glue is a suitable alternative.
  • Start drawing a wavy or a zig-zag line across the length of the headband. Let the paint try.
  • Flip your headband and draw another zig-zag or wavy line across the length. Since you have flattened up your circular headband, you need to do this process two times. Also, make sure that you do not draw a straight line as the paint breaks when dried.
  • Be patient while you wait for the paint to dry. Depending upon the brand, it could take a few hours for the paint to dry. As it dries, you’ll notice the color become darker and the puffiness will reduce slightly. 
  • Once the paint has dried, flip your headband and bring the right side out. Your band is ready to wear and will not slip anymore.

This puffy paint technique is best suited for elastic headbands. The puffy paint acts as a rubber grip. Putting the band on your head will create friction between your head and band, catching your hair. This thus helps to keep a headband from slipping.

However, it’s vital to ensure you do not pull the band too much or snap the paint.

  1. Gluing Velcro to Headbands

You might find it a little challenging to find Velcro headbands in the market. There are very few brands that ensure your headband does not slip off. But you can create your fancy headband by gluing it to Velcro. This stops your headband from slipping.

All you need is a ribbon headband with an elastic closure, a strip of Velcro, and a hot glue gun. Here is how you can keep the headband from slipping with Velcro.

  • Get a ribbon headband. It has a ribbon at the front, joined by an elastic in the back. 
  • Now get a strip of Velcro that is narrower than the ribbon. You can match the color of your Velcro with the headband or buy a plain black one. 
  • Hold your Velcro at one end of the headband and determine its length. Cut your Velcro accordingly. For this project, you’ll need the scratchy side of the Velcro. Keep the soft side aside.
  • Turn your headband inside out, so the back of the ribbon is in front of you. Apply hot glue to the rear surface of the Velcro, working 1-inch at a time. Press the Velcro against the ribbon slowly. Try aligning the ends as best as you can. If you do not have hot glue, you can also use fabric glue. It will stick the ribbon and Velcro together perfectly but take a little longer to dry. 
  • Once the glue has dried, turn your headband right side out. Your band is ready to wear without slipping.

Gluing the Velcro is best suited for ribbon headbands as it conceals the Velcro. It will stop the headband from slipping. The Velcro on the headband acts like tiny hooks. They grab onto your hair and help keep them in place.


Headbands are cute and convenient. They’re great for holding your hair back and out your face while driving, partying, or working out. When your headband starts slipping, it might cause pain around your ears or at the back of your head.

Using the tips and techniques mentioned above, you can keep the headband from slipping. I usually use the hairspray technique as it is the quickest one. However, Velcro and puffy paints are helpful if looking for a permanent fix. Make sure that you keep the front end of the band clean while attaching paint or Velcro. 

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