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How To Get Rid of Stomach Creases

Some people notice some lines around the stomach and wonder how to get rid of stomach creases. Before speaking about treatment, you need to learn what is behind this to avoid it instead. Nevertheless, if it appears already, there are simple ways you can treat it.

To get rid of the stomach creases, begin by maintaining a healthy diet routine and taking plenty of water. Lines appear around the stomach due to excess fat in the belly that creases the stomach cellulite. Therefore, you need to correct the fat in your body with the proper meals. Exercises, massages, and other treatments also help. 

Stomach creases are prevalent among young and old people worldwide, and it’s very easy to get a remedy. Keep reading to learn more on how to get rid of stomach creases from the comfort of your home. 

What Causes Stomach Creases?

Not everybody has the flat, attractive belly we see around, though everyone craves it. However, some people are left with stomach creases that make them look unattractive and, in some cases, unhealthy too. Stomach creases are some fat, wrinkle-like lines that appear horizontally across the belly as folds.

As you sit down, the creases tend to appear. This is because the fatty tissues present in the inner parts of the skin are pressing against connective tissues. Hence, you may notice cellulite – creases – around areas of more fat like the stomach.

The nature of this skin condition makes it common among people with obesity. Still, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur in healthy people. The more you sit or bend and move around, the more cellulite on your stomach could get clearer.

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How to Get Rid of Stomach Creases with Healthy Habits

Your diet is mainly responsible for this condition. However, other factors like your age and even family records may also play a part. Researchers have even come up with figures proving it is more common among men than women.

From the above, you should know the first and basic habit you should work on is how you eat. It is necessary to cut down your meal intake with a high number of calories. Also, exercising has more impact on dealing with stomach creases than you could ever imagine.

Try aerobic activities that focus on the region around your stomach to straighten out the tissues. Engage in cardiovascular movements that burn the level of fat in your body day after day. Don’t forget that aside from these, you should always ensure you get enough sleep and keep your body hydrated.

How to Get Rid of Stomach Creases with Treatments

Above, the approaches are natural and highly effective when learning how to get rid of stomach creases. Cellulite is rarely ever a problem, and aside from being unattractive and difficult to hide, it shouldn’t influence your health. Nevertheless, here are some ways to handle it with medical treatments.

Body Massage

You don’t just need any massage but one from an expert. It helps to improve blood circulation and removes cellulite by destroying toxins. Overall, it will enhance the appearance of your skin easily. 

The negative part is that many people, even experts, don’t massage the stomach area. You can use a foam roller at home for the same effects. 

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Using acoustic wave therapy (AWT) is a promising way of finally saying goodbye to cellulite. For one thing, you will lose part weight after the treatment with no potential side effects. 

The method employs ‘shock waves’ to break down the tissues that create the creases you see. With these waves, the elasticity of your skin is bound to improve. 

Body Wrap

Visit a spa at your convenient time for a soothing session of heated body wraps. This treatment comes with oils and lotions that act on the fat particles and straighten them out. 

On the bad side, you will likely lose water in the body in the process. When this happens, the fat in your body will remain. Your results may last only a little while, and cellulite may resurface. 

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Laser Treatments

Laser treatment is not specifically for cellulite as it helps treat numerous conditions. However, you can apply it medically to reduce cellulite by boosting blood flow in those areas. The treatment will tighten your skin and boost its elasticity.

Tissue Release via Vacuum

In this therapy, you aim to make the tissues in the affected areas rise higher. To do this, you’ll need to see a dermatologist. A device with microscopic blades will also come in handy. 

Tissue Release treatment can reduce cellulite for as long as a year. However, there is still ongoing research on how effective this treatment is and if there are any side effects. 

Cellfina Solution

This method is what medicine calls “subcision”, closely resembling what we sometimes see in the movies. It’s an approach to stomach creases using some sort of needle-like objects. An expert will need to insert these needles through the skin to break those rigid materials that create the marks.

This procedure is very effective, and results may be instant and lasting for up to three years. Its speed makes it one of the best methods for quickly getting rid of stomach creases.


Remember, you don’t need to stress about learning how to get rid of stomach creases. Though they tarnish your skin’s beauty, the marks don’t harm you in any way. Nevertheless, you’re in an even better situation now you know how to get rid of stomach creases when they appear.

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