How to Get a Raspy Voice

Many are attracted to the power of a deep, husky voice, which is why they wonder how to get a raspy voice. It’s natural for us to be attracted to a particular voice. But going through the process of changing your voice is something else entirely.

Getting a raspy voice can be achieved in various ways. Some of these include excessive use of your voice, drinking less water, and projecting your voice through your head. You could also hire a vocal coach or opt for a surgical procedure if you’re serious about getting a raspy voice. But remember that changing your voice is unnatural and harms your health.

Your voice is actually a potent tool that unlocks different worlds for you, whether you realize it or not. It has the power to command, soothe, and evoke joy. However, if you’re not in awe of the sound of your voice, it may breed a lack of confidence within you. 

What’s a Raspy Voice Composed Of?

Your voice sounding raspy means it is rough or scratchy. A raspy voice sounds like it traveled through some sort of a sieve before coming out. Your voice will be of lower pitch, softer in volume, strained, and moderately or heavily breathy. 

The Natural Sound & Texture of Your Voice

There are multiple factors responsible for the sound and texture of your voice. One of them is heredity. It includes the genetically fixed traits that pass on from one generation to the next within families. That’s why family members often sound similar when they speak. 

Whether you’re a male or a female also determines how your voice will sound. Males usually develop larger vocal cords than females due to the male sex hormone testosterone released at puberty. 

The hormonal makeup and weight of a person also affect how they may sound. Obese men release excess estrogen, which makes the pitch of their voices higher than usual. Likewise, obese women release excess testosterone, which deepens the sound of their voices. 

Also, when you’re overweight, you may sound breathy or raspy. Though, it can also harm your voice by injuring your vocal cords. 

Lastly, suppose you’re a tall person. In that case, your voice is more likely to be deeper because of larger lower airways in comparison to relatively shorter persons. 

The 10 Best Ways to Get a Raspy Voice

1. Using Your Voice Too Often

This method includes frequent yelling, singing in a high key, whispering, or crying a lot. For instance, when watching a sport you enjoy, don’t shy away from cheering loudly for your favorite team or player. 

Constantly singing in a high pitch leads to the vibration of your vocal cords. And too much of this can cause irritation, leaving your voice scratchy. 

Your vocal cords squeeze when you whisper, which can prove stressful for your voice. And when you whisper for prolonged periods of time, you may experience a shaky rasp in your voice. 

Likewise, crying for long periods can prove stressful for your vocal cords. You may wake up with a hoarse voice the next day.

2. Modification of Habits for a Raspy Voice

As we grow up, we tend to keep ourselves hydrated, for it’s the right thing to do to stay healthy. However, if getting a raspy voice is your need of the hour, dehydrating yourself can prove helpful. 

Dehydration can dry out your larynx, vocal cords, and mucous membranes in your throat, making you sound raspy. But it can be detrimental to your health in the long run.

Another quick solution is exposing oneself to allergens you would usually avoid, such as pollen grains. Your vocal cords may get inflamed due to an allergic reaction and change your voice to a raspy one.


3. Make Use of Your False Vocal Cords

You can’t make use of your false vocal cords right away without mastering them. To do so, you’ll need to speak loudly and begin dropping your pitch to the point that your voice sounds raspy. And you’ll need to practice the technique 5 to 10 minutes a day until you excel in the art.

4. Make Use of Your Head Voice to Growl

Although not an easy task to take on, your growling can bear great raspy results with enough practice. You should try growling via your head voice, moving it to the backside of your throat, and then slowly scaling it down. You will immediately detect theatrical hoarseness in your voice

5. Hiring a Vocal Coach

If you need professional help in making your voice sound raspy, hiring a vocal coach could prove helpful. By teaching you various techniques, a voice coach or a speech therapist can do wonders for you. These might include adjustments in tongue position, positioning of your mouth and lips, posture, breathing, pitch control, and articulation.

6. Medical Procedures 

A few commonly employed surgical solutions that can make your voice sound raspy include voice masculinization surgery. This is a pitch lowering surgery involving laser vocal cord tuning. The surgery will modify your vocal cords to deepen your natural voice and obtain a raspier outcome. 

7. Common Vocal Exercises That May Help

To retain the desired changes in the sound of your voice, many vocal exercises may come in handy. Tongue trills, yawning, deep breathing, humming, lip buzzing, and throat massaging are some of the most effective vocal exercises.

8. Voice Emulation

If you like a particular person’s voice, you can practice emulating that voice. For successful emulation, the first and foremost requirement is to listen mindfully to that voice’s pitch, tone, timbre, and diction.

singing voice

9. Throwing Your Voice

Another way to change the sound of your voice is by learning to throw your voice. Speaking from another body part of yours, such as the diaphragm, nose, or throat, can help you get a raspy voice.

10. Smoking for a Raspy Voice

It may not be a healthier way to get a raspy voice, but it is very effective. Smoking dries out your vocal cords which automatically turns your voice hoarse. It may get you those instant results, but it’s not a recommended method. Because over time, it harms your lungs and vocal cords. And it takes a heavy toll on your health.

Go Raspy & Stay Healthy

The abovementioned tips to get a raspy voice will definitely work for you, but doing any more could harm your health. An excess of anything is bad for you, and the same holds true for playing tricks with your vocal cords. 

Do daily healthy exercises to get the voice you want, but never overdo it. The healthier ways may take a bit longer, but those are the safer ways to get a raspy voice. 

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