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How To Clean Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are easy-to-use options to achieve that rockstar look; therefore, you go to great lengths to select the perfect pair. However, you have to maintain these lashes if you want them to retain their pristine look. That brings you to wonder how to clean magnetic lashes properly.

Start by removing the eyeliner with a non-oil makeup remover. Ensure you do this carefully to avoid disrupting the lashes. Note that leftover magnetic eyeliner will be a barrier between your lash magnet and the eyeliner when you use it again. Afterward, soak the lashes in a mild soapy water solution and dry them before returning them to their casing. 

The benefits of cleaning your lashes can’t be overemphasized. For one, you reduce the risk of getting an eye infection. If you want to learn the benefits of cleaning magnetic lashes, keep reading as we have prepared all you should know.

The Benefits of Cleaning Magnetic Lashes

It is essential to maintain your lashes and keep them in good shape for reuse. Failure to do so may damage your eyes and render the lashes useless in most cases. Besides, leaving them unattended for too long is never a great idea.

The best part about cleaning magnetic lashes Is that there are no lengthy processes to follow. You only need to get a mild cleaner for your eyelashes every day to keep them looking their best.

How to Clean Magnetic Lashes

With enough practice, you should know how to clean magnetic lashes easily. Here are a few cleaning tips to help you out:

Method 1

Materials needed:

  • 90% alcohol
  • eye makeup remover
  • cotton rounds
  • tweezers
  • a cotton swab

1. Removing Your Eyelashes

This is the first step on how to clean magnetic lashes. Ensure you wash your hands well before cleaning your lashes so that you don’t transmit any bacteria to the lashes. Afterward, get rid of the eyeliner’s outside corner by gripping the lash band and carefully pushing it outwards. 

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2. Clean Your Magnetic Lashes

After removing any eyeliner residue on your lashes, it’s time to clean them. Take a cotton pad and dip it into the eye makeup remover. After that, gently massage the cotton pad against the magnetic lashes with the solution still on it.

3. Thoroughly Clean the Magnets

The lashes aren’t the only components that need cleaning; you have to wipe the magnets too. Be slow and easy while cleaning because the last thing you need is to damage them. Note that you should remove all traces of eyeliner from the magnets so that you can use them again. 

It would be best to use 90% rubbing alcohol to ensure that your lashes and magnets are thoroughly clean. You need to clean the magnets with a cotton wool swab like the hairs. Dip the cotton wool into your cleaner before using it to clean

4. Dry the Lashes

After you’ve cleaned your lashes, be sure to dry them completely. Place them on a clean cloth and let them air dry. 

Method 2

Materials needed:

  • a plastic container
  • tweezers
  • makeup remover
  • tissues
  • eyelash comb

1. Take off the lashes

This is always the first step in cleaning magnetic lashes. Like the first step, ensure to wash your hands before doing anything. Gently pull your lashes out of place till they fall out.

2. Clean the lashes

Place your lashes in an empty container before pouring the makeup remover. The remover cleans the remaining makeup and eyeliner from the lashes.

Allow your lashes to soak in the makeup remover for five minutes. Do not keep them on for more than five minutes to avoid damaging the lashes. Then, using tweezers, take the eyelashes from the container and lay them out on a tissue.

3. Remove Excess Eyeliner

Some eyeliner may remain on your magnetic eyelashes after rinsing. You want to be sure that it’s gone for good. Use your thumb and forefinger to grip the magnetic eyelashes and remove eyeliner residue with tweezers from the strip and magnetic pieces.


4. Double Clean the Lashes

Clean the container and add a tiny coating of makeup remover to it to ensure that your magnetic lashes are fully clean. Grab your lashes with tweezers and gently slide them from side to side in the container.

5. Dry Your Lashes

Afterward, place the lashes on dry tissue. After your lashes have dried, use an eyelash comb to go over them. With this, you should know how to clean magnetic lashes easily.

What You Should Know About Cleaning Magnetic Lashes

Here are a few things you should know if you wish to learn how to clean magnetic lashes:

  • Avoid exposing your eyelashes to harsh sunlight. You want to keep your eyelashes in the dark since their colour might change if overexposed to the sun’s rays. 
  • Before applying your magnetic pinches, make sure your makeup is completely dry. The lashes should be the last thing you use.
  • Avoid touching magnetic eyelashes with unclean hands. Use soap and water to thoroughly clean your hands before attempting to touch your eyes or eyelashes. Afterward, use a fresh towel to dry your hand.


Your lashes will last longer if you know how to clean magnetic lashes correctly. Aside from that, maintaining them keeps dirt at bay.

These reusable magnetic lashes are ideal for both regular wear and special events. After use, you can always place your lashes in their cases for safekeeping.

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