How To Charge Selenite

Anyone who relishes in the power of crystals should know how to charge selenite. But many, unfortunately, don’t. To access and work with this potent energy source, you need to take care of the crystal from time to time.

There are so many crystal charging methods to choose from, but you would want a method that is just right for you and your selenite. Following your intuition is your best bet to achieve this, as there is no perfect method. You could leave it under the moonlight, immerse it in rice, visualize the transfer of natural energy, or by breathing on it. 

In so many cultures, selenite is believed to have powerful healing benefits. Many consider selenite one of the most essential crystals in an energy worker’s tool kit. 

Crystals absorb and hold onto the energy of whatever’s around them. Sometimes the bad energy you want to be dispelled is absorbed and stays in our immediate environment because you do not charge your selenite. These acquired “bad vibes”  clog up the selenite and prevent it from working as usual.

How Often Should You Charge Selenite?

There are no clear-cut answers to this question as it depends on various things. For example, you have to charge new crystals immediately after getting them. You don’t want your crystal to have clinging energy from who-knows-where for a delicate stone-like selenite with healing properties. If you carry your crystal around all day, it doesn’t hurt to charge it as soon as you get home, primarily when someone else has handled them.

How To Charge Selenite

Selenite is a crystal that can recharge itself and charge other crystals. However, if you feel you need to charge your selenite, you can use a few methods. The following methods are proven ways of charging selenite.

Place The Selenite Next To Water

Water neutralizes any negative energy stored inside crystals and returns it to the earth. Yes, selenite dissolves in water, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be charged by water. You can place your selenite next to water overnight or for as long as you think it needs.

Drown It In Sound

It is easy to charge large crystals by drowning them in sound. You can sound a single tone or pitch from a tuning fork or a single bowl. You can also chant while ringing a bell.

This ritual should last between five to ten minutes.

Bury It In Brown Rice

Just like for a broken phone, placing your selenite in brown rice can work to banish bad vibes. Because of how soft selenite is, burying it in rice is better than salt, so the crystal does not get scratched. 

You submerge your selenite in the rice, covering it completely. This should be left for about 24 hours. Remember to throw out the brown rice to get rid of the bad energy. 

Burn Some Sage

Sage is known for its plethora of healing properties. You can perform smudging by allowing the stone to be enveloped in the smoke of burnt sage. Smudging your selenite with sage is said to restore natural energy and clear inharmonious vibrations.

It is better to smudge outdoors so the smoke can disperse easily. But if you are unable to, make sure that you’re near an open window. 

This will allow the smoke and negative energy to dissipate. Doing this should last about 30 to 60 seconds.

selenite rock form

Place Your Selenite On A Larger Selenite

Large selenite slabs can be terrific tools for charging smaller selenite stones. You place your crystal on top of the larger stone and watch the large stone’s vibration remove the inharmonious energies in the small stone. This should take about 24 hours.


This method is considered the safest method of charging selenite. Despite how easy it is, visualization can be very frightening for some. There is always the fear that you’re not doing it correctly.

You have to be in tune with your sense of self if you want this method to work. Because you are redirecting your energy to your selenite. Ground your energy and feel it in your center. 

Take a few moments to do this. Then pick up your selenite and visualize in your mind’s eye your hands filling with radiant energy. See this ball of energy surrounding and then filling the selenite in your hands. 

Visualize the impurities that leave the stone, making it shine brighter with renewed energy. Keep doing this until you feel the stone’s energy stuff. This should last around one minute.

Sunbathe Your Selenite

Bathe your selenite crystal in the warm natural light of the sun. Due to its delicate form, you shouldn’t let your selenite stay out in inclement weather, so it won’t get damaged. Therefore, you should place it out at dawn and bring it in before 11 am.

This allows it to have taken enough sunlight without being exposed to the harsh rays. Selenite should not stay out for more than 30 minutes.

Methods You Should Not Use To Charge Selenite

Immersing In Salt

Selenite is a very soft stone, and when immersed in salt, it could lead to scratches on its surface.

Submerging In Water

Submerging crystals in water is primarily for hard stones such as quartz. For soft stones like selenite, immersing it in water can erode the stone or cause disintegration.

Bottom Line

Charging selenite is quite different from other crystals because of its softness. Therefore, employing the best methods is very important to clear the stone to ensure it works optimally.

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