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How To Charge A Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz is one of the most beloved crystals and people often want to know how to charge a rose quartz crystal. The power of crystals has been understood worldwide dating back thousands of years. Some of the primary uses of crystals include healing, meditation, protection, and boosting creative inspiration. 

There are so many crystal charging methods to choose from. But you would want a method that is just right for you and your rose quartz. To achieve this, following your intuition is your best bet. You could submerge your crystal in the water, leave it under the moonlight, bury it in the ground, immerse it in salt or go personal by breathing on it. 

The rose quartz has been used for centuries dating back to around 7,000 BC. It’s believed that women in Egypt and Rome wore masks made of rose quartz. The masks served to clear their skin and ward off lines.

Now, rose quartz is used as jewelry, meditation, or decorations in homes or workspaces. Rose quartz is said to represent unconditional love. People believe it emits strong vibrations of love, joy, and emotional healing.

If you’re familiar with crystals, you’ll know how important it is to charge your rose quartz from time to time. This is the best way to maximise the power of your crystals.

Why Do You Need To Charge Your Rose Quartz

Rose quartz tends to hold on to the energy they are exposed to, just like other crystals. This might not always be a good thing. It is vital to get rid of the negative energy your rose quartz may have accumulated over time. 

Charging your crystals could be likened to clearing them. It is clearing the energetic slate and filling it back up with grounding energy from nature.

Picking The Best Method For Charging Your Rose Quartz

Creating a unique intuitive relationship with your rose quartz is extremely important. Crystals are very personal objects, and you should be intentional about how you handle them.

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Methods Of Charging Your Rose Quartz  

Placing It Under The Full Moon’s Light

The full moon is an auspicious and potent part of the lunar cycle. It influences our intuition and emotional states, and charging our crystals is not an exception. 

Place the rose quartz on the earth outdoors when there’s a full moon. The rose quartz will charge with lunar energy. You can leave it outside overnight or place it on the windowsill where the moon can shine its light.

Soak It In Moon Water

You can leave your rose quartz in water under the moon to charge for about an hour. Rose quartz can tolerate water but not for extended periods. You can also pour moon water over the crystals a few times if you don’t want to submerge your crystal.

Bury It In The Ground

You can charge your rose quartz by leaving it in the ground to let it be one with the earth. Instead of leaving it directly in the ground, you can bury it in some soil in a small pot or earthenware jar. Then bury the jar in the ground for about a week.

Sound Bath

Immersing your rose quartz in sound can be a powerful method of charging your crystal. Sound is known as a potent tool for shifting frequency. This dispels the negative energy that your crystal may have absorbed.

Use a singing bowl to hold the crystal and then ring the bowl. You can also chant over the bowl as you’re ringing for good measure.

Burning Incense Or Herbs Over It

You can cleanse your rose quartz by burning sacred herbs or incense over it. Charge your crystal by passing it through the smoke of some sage, sweetgrass, and cedar (herbs) or some jasmine, lavender, and sandalwood (incense)

Immerse It In Salt

Salt has been recognized for its ability to oust harmful energy. You can charge your rose quartz by placing your stone in salt (preferably sea salt) and letting it sit overnight. 

Breathing On Your Rose Quartz

You can use your breath to charge your rose quartz. However, to achieve this, you need to cast negative thoughts from your mind. You hold the crystal in one hand and breathe forcefully on the stone while waving your other hand over the rose quartz.

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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Rose Quartz

Sunlight can charge certain crystals, but rose quartz is not one of them. Most quartz stones cannot tolerate sunlight, and the rose quartz is no exception. The rose quartz fades in the sun. However, this does not mean that the properties or energy will diminish.

How Often Should You Charge Your Rose Quartz?

There’s, unfortunately, not a “one size fits all” answer to this question. It depends on if and when the crystal has been exposed to a negative environment. If rose quartz I subjected to a great deal of negative energy in a short time, then charging should be in order.

It’s not a bad idea to charge your rose quartz if you have been using it for a while. For your rose quartz to work effectively, it is important to keep charging your crystal. 

Where Should Keep Your Rose Quartz After It Is Charged?

If you don’t want your rose quartz on display, you can store them in a small soft pouch. That way, it can avoid being scratched or gaining dust. If you want to display your rose quartz, it is essential to place them away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Bottom Line

Crystals come across many hands before it gets to yours. Therefore, it is crucial to cleanse and charge your rose quartz immediately after it gets home from the shop. You never know what sort of energy it may be holding on to.

Cleansing and charging your rose quartz is essential if you want it to work perfectly. 

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