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How To Blend Gray Hair With Dark Brown Hair

Today, most women are going for gray hair, which leads us to the topic of how to blend gray hair with dark brown hair. The transition process can be done differently and bring out different results. So how do you go about achieving this trendy hairstyle?

Going semi-permanent and skipping color treatment shampoos are some of the ways of blending gray hair with dark brown hair. Besides, you can use the salt and pepper effect or add highlights to your gray hair. Finally, you cut your hair, add brown shade, or do full coverage with demi-permanent brown dye. As a result, you will have natural-looking hair color. 

Let’s discuss why you may want to gray, how to do it and what to know when blending your hair.

Why Blend Your Gray Hair

Gray is beautiful, and in the last decade, you can testify that most women are going for gray hair. In Britain, almost a third of the women below the age of thirty are on gray hair. Besides, most celebrities of all ages are going gray because it is a great fashion trend in almost all industries. Even youths in their twenties start to see gray hair

Some blame it on stress. However, experts say that your genetics and lifestyle can also cause it. Besides, it can be a matter of biology or poor dieting.

Despite why your hair is turning gray, there are several ways to handle it to have that natural-looking hair color. As a result, you will be comfortable with it despite your age. Besides, you can catch up with the latest fashion trends by blending your gray hair.

What You Should Know About Blending Gray Hair with Dark Brown Hair

Before you know how to blend gray hair with dark brown hair, there are important notes to pay attention to. First, the gray hair will be new, not your old hair turning gray. Besides, it will be finer and thicker than what you are used to. It will also be drier due to the lack of natural oils. Therefore, you need to stock up on hair masks and a deep moisturizing conditioner to treat it. 

When you blend your gray hair, it does not have natural pigments, and hence, it can turn yellow if not treated. Hence, keep moisturizing it. 

How to Blend Gray Hair with Dark Brown Hair

There are several ways you can blend gray hair with dark brown hair to have a natural look. You can choose the best option depending on how your hair looks and what you want to achieve.

Here are 5 ways of blending gray hair;

Semi-permanent Process

It is a process that allows you to hide your hair roots using hair color that will gradually fade away. You can use hair glosses for this treatment. Depending on the manufacturer, they usually fade away after four to eight weeks.

If you have coarser gray hair and want to blend it, this semi-permanent process can help you. Glosses help in moisturizing and softening your hair. Besides, they make it shiny and add beauty because they don’t get inside the hair strands.

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Full Coverage with Demi-permanent Dye

Another way of blending gray hair with dark brown hair is using a demi-permanent dye. This option is the best if you want your gray hair to disappear.

The process involves using demi-permanent hair color to deposit the pigments in your hair without getting into your hair’s fiber, unlike a permanent dye. Besides, demi-permanent hair color is less aggressive to your hair because it is ammonia-free.

A dark shade will help to cover the grays in your hair. Besides, the color will last for 3 to 4 weeks, depending on your hair care routine.

Adding Highlights and Lowlights to Your Gray Hair

Highlights usually connect to the new gray hair coming in and make them seem to be part of the highlights. This will mask the grays and blend them with brown hair as they grow. On the other hand, lowlights create a multi-tonal look on your hair that can cover unwanted dark brown color on your gray hair.

Highlights and lowlights help you to transition to gray hair and look natural. Besides, it requires low maintenance than using solid colors.

Cut It

Chopping your hair off can also help blend the grays with dark brown hair. Once you cut it, you can play with colors by blending your gray hair with a brown shade. If you decide to let it grow, you can keep dying it or let it grow in gray.


There are several ways of blending gray hair with dark brown hair. If you want your grays to disappear, you can use a demi-permanent dye. Besides, you can use semi-permanent hair color and skip your shampoo treatment routines. 

Similarly, adding highlights and lowlights to your grays or cutting them off and blending them with brown shades help to achieve a natural hair tone. The best method to blend your grays depends on your desired outcomes. Finally, you need to take good care of it once you blend it because it doesn’t have natural pigments to keep it moisturized.  

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