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How Much Is Double Chin Surgery?

Should you have extra fat around the neck, you could be wondering: How much is double chin surgery? The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) indicates that 68% of people are unsatisfied with their double chin. People get double chins because of issues such as weight and hereditary factors.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the average cost of double chin surgery ranges from $1,200 to $12,700. The cost varies because there are different approaches used. Your plastic surgeon may recommend liposuction of the neck, neck lift surgery, or a mix of the two. There isn’t specific double chin surgery, but several procedures can correct the issue.

What is Double Chin Surgery?

It is a type of surgery performed by plastic surgeons to remove excess fat and loose skin around the neck. The process depends on your goal, and the surgeon can use one of the different surgeries or a combination.

Here are the types of surgeries used;

Chin Liposuction

It is a procedure that sucks out the extra fat found under the chin. The surgeon will make a small and gentle incision under your skin and insert a tube. The tube sucks the excess fat in your neck area. This procedure requires a local anesthetic to numb the area worked on. Once the surgical procedure is over, you will have a smoother, more even profile.  

Chin Tuck

This is a type of surgery that stiffens the skin and eliminates surplus fat. It focuses on the chin and upper neck only. The surgeon combines the liposuction procedure with a small incision. You can be asleep under general anesthesia during the process, but it is also possible with a local anesthetic.

Neck Lift

It aims to tighten the muscles and remove the excess skin to improve your facial appearance. It is more extensive than the chin tuck and focuses on the chin area and the entire neck. During this procedure, the surgeon makes incisions behind your ear. Sometimes, it can also involve cutting below the chin.

The three procedures can help reduce a double chin though it depends on a person’s skin type. For a plastic surgeon to recommend chin liposuction or tuck, your skin needs to be very elastic. And if you have a saggy or loose appearance, a neck lift is the best option to remove the excess skin.

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How Much is Double Chin Surgery?

As you have seen, there are different approaches to double chin surgery. As a result, the costs of these procedures vary. Chin liposuction is cheaper and less time-consuming than chin tuck or neck lift.

Therefore, what double chin surgery costs depend on;

  • The time your surgeon will take/ type of procedure
  • The facility and its staff charges
  • Your medication and instruments you will use
  • The cost of anesthesia

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery carried out a survey across the US comprising members who are physicians. They found that the estimated average cost for neck contouring procedures like liposuction is $1,200 to $12,700.

What Can You Expect After a Double Chain Surgery?

After a surgeon has done a chin tuck or neck lift on your body, you can experience some swelling and discomfort. As a result, the neck and chin skin may become tight. Besides, the surgeon may place facial drains to avoid fluid and blood building up the neck area, which they will remove after a day or two.

Also, people who have gone through double chin surgery should avoid the sun or excess water on their chin and face for a few days. Your surgeon can also recommend you apply an antibiotic salve on the area of the cut. In case of something alarming, do not hesitate to call your surgeon.

How Long Does Double Chin Surgery Recovery Take?  

The healing period after a double chin surgery is dependent on the method used. It can take a week to two for effects such as swelling to get better. For incisions, it can take several months to recover fully.

You can return to work and resume other everyday activities a week or two after the surgery. However, this is dictated by the procedure the surgeon followed. For example, a chin tuck heals faster than a neck lift. Hence, your surgical team will advise you on your recovery procedure.


Benefits of Double Chin Surgery

In the US, over 50,000 double chin surgeries are executed by plastic surgeons per year. After the procedure, many people report the following benefits;

  • A youthful, slimmer appearance because the surplus skin and fat have been eradicated.
  • Well-shaped chin and neck areas.
  • Finally, after the surgery, you get a smoother skin

Downsize of Double Chin Surgery

On the other hand, double chin surgery procedures may have some risks and side effects because of the foreign instruments that get into your skin. Before a surgeon does the procedure, they should explain the possible side effects. It’s in your best interests to be prepared.

Some of the downsize include;

  • Discomfort in the areas operated on
  • Bleeding or some blood clots
  • Anesthesia complications like breathing problems, vomiting, nausea, and trouble waking up.
  • Swelling and pain that may prolong than expected
  • Asymmetry in the face where one side looks different to the other site
  • Damage to blood vessels, nerves, organs, and muscles
  • The incisions may not heal properly
  • A blood pocket called a hematoma that may need to be drained
  • Discoloration or irregularities of your skin
  • Beware that this procedure may bring results you dislike. And this may result in additional surgery.


Every person wants to have that smooth, delicate face without wrinkles or excess flab. However, you can have a double chain that makes you uncomfortable due to excess fat and aging. As a result, you can seek a surgeon for double chin surgery. 

This surgery type has various forms, including chin liposuction, chin tuck, or neck lift. Double chin surgery costs depend on several factors, like the procedure done and the facility it’s done at. However, the estimated average cost is $1,200 to $12,700.  

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