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How Long Does Sun Poisoning Last?

Hearing of the dangers of sun poisoning may make you wonder, ‘how long does sun poisoning last?’ As this case of extreme sunburn becomes rampant in the US, it’s a growing concern to many. So what exactly does this condition cost you, and how long does sun poisoning last?

Sun poisoning can last for a week if the condition is mild. However, this condition may persist for weeks in more severe situations. After a person gets a severe sunburn, he may experience short-term effects for a few days. If not properly treated, the long-term effects may extend beyond the first week and last for a long time. 

You’ll only need to do what is right to treat sun poisoning and ensure it doesn’t last long to avoid further complications. Keep reading to learn more on answers to the question, ‘how long does sun poisoning last?’ 

What Is Sun Poisoning?

Sun poisoning is a term used to describe a case of severe sunburn. You’ll likely get sunburned when exposing your body to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays for an extended period. If the sunburn is extreme, you’ll suffer from sun poisoning.

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This condition, also known as polymorphic light eruption, can manifest itself in various ways. It all depends on your skin’s level of sun sensitivity. Unlike a moderate sunburn, sun poisoning usually needs medical intervention to avert consequences.

If sun poisoning is not treated, it might have lethal implications. Dehydration and a wide possibility of infections set in quickly at this point. 

If your skin is perforated due to scratching, a burn, or bursting blisters, these consequences are bound to happen. So how long does sun poisoning last, and what do you do to manage this condition?

How Long Does Sun Poisoning Last?

The period in which sun poisoning lasts depends on the severity of damage the sun causes to the skin. In other words, your response to it largely determines how long it lasts as the condition worsens if left untreated. A case of sun poisoning can last for a week with the proper treatment and may extend depending on the case.

Keep in mind that a case of sun poisoning shouldn’t be confused with cases of mild sunburns or sun rashes. The latter conditions may take less time to heal as they are not as severe as sun poisoning.

The patient may have several symptoms to identify sun poisoning, from peeling skin to severe skin redness and pains. It may include fever, confusion, headaches, fainting, dizziness, vomiting, and dehydration.

Important Points To Remember

You can relieve your condition from the comfort of your home with a cool bath. Water can help to replenish moisture that has been lost by severely dry skin.

In more acute cases, dehydration may need the introduction of intravenous (IV) fluids. Patients may also use steroid creams for severe blistering sunburns. Oral steroids will almost certainly be required if the disease causes pain and edema.

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Bear in mind that certain conditions make it more likely for you to face extreme sunburn. For instance, those who live closer to the equator and people with fairer skin have higher tendencies toward sun poisoning.

If you’re in a position that exposes you to sunburns, begin by wearing sunscreens as frequently as possible. Ensure you always put on protective clothes like long-sleeves and hats. Utilize the use of sunglasses, especially during summer.

Lastly, watch out for the side effects of medications. Some drugs could make your skin more prone to sunburns. Also, avoid tanning beds and several other forms of skin tanning.


Now you have answers to your question, ‘how long does sun poisoning last?’ and how to treat this condition. Sun poisoning may be dangerous, but the real danger lies in improper handling.

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