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How Long Does Collagen Take To Work?

Are you confused about how long collagen takes to work? Collagen can do wonders for your skin. From powders to pills, thousands of supplements are available in the market.

Collagen is a protein that is naturally found in your body. The production of collagen will, however, decrease over time. Artificial collagen products keep your skin younger. If you want skin support benefits, you would need between 4 and 12 weeks for the collagen to work. You will need to wait for collagen to work and give you wonders on your skin. 

Some people are skeptical about the effects collagen has on your skin. This article will help you understand how long collagen takes to work and its benefits on your skin. It will also help you analyze what other factors might affect your journey towards skin healing. 

Why Is Collagen Necessary for Your Skin?

Experts suggest including a collagen supplement in your skin routine has multiple reasons and benefits. While you will need to wait for collagen to work, following a routine would help you in the long run. 

In this section of our blog on how long collagen takes to work, we’ll discuss why collagen is necessary for your skin.

  1. Supports Your Skin Health

When you wait for collagen to work and give it time, you’ll be able to support and improve your skin health. Collagen helps you with skin wrinkling. It provides the skin with one of the essential ingredients to keep it firm and taut. These collagen peptides will support your skin elasticity and improve dermal collagen density.

  1. Gut Health Benefits

Collagen not only benefits your skin but has potential gut health benefits as well. When you wait for collagen to work and do its wonders, you’ll be able to notice its benefits. The primary amino acid in collagen, known as L-glutamate, supports your digestive health. This amino acid acts as a significant fuel provider for your intestine.

  1. Improves Joint Stiffness

Collagen helps you improve joint stiffness over time. A randomized trial conducted in 2016 proved the efficiency of the component, and the participants saw support in the physical function.

An additional study indicated that athletes who took the supplement frequently and waited for the collagen to work reaped many benefits. They experienced an improvement in their overall joint health, recover, and level of comfort. 

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  1. Prevents Bone Loss

The central part of your bones is collagen. It helps give them structure and strength. As collagen production deteriorates in your body, so does bone mass, leading to osteoporosis. Artificial collagen supplements can help inhibit this bone loss.

You need to take supplements regularly and wait for collagen to work for at least a few weeks. Then you will notice significantly lower levels of protein in your blood.

  1. Boosts Muscle Mass

Collagen is also an essential component of your skeletal muscles. These supplements can help boost muscle mass in people suffering from sarcopenia. They also promote the synthesis of specific muscle proteins.

When you take these supplements and wait for collagen to work on your body, you’ll experience improved muscle growth.

  1. Promotes Heart Health

Some researchers have proved that collagen supplements can help reduce the risks of heart attacks. The reason is that collagen supports the structure of your arteries. These blood vessels are responsible for transporting blood from your heart to your extremities. 

Without enough collagen, these arteries may become weak and less flexible over time. This leads to heart attacks or strokes. When you consume artificial supplements and wait for collagen to work, you may find exciting benefits. These include keeping your heart and arteries healthy.

  1. May Aid Weight Loss

Some scientists and researchers believe that collagen can help improve your metabolism over time. This improved metabolism can, in turn, promote weight loss in individuals. However, additional studies must still be carried out in this area. 

How Long Does Collagen Take to Work on Your Body?

Collagen’s efficacy abides by different time frames dependent on the body part in question. This section will discuss how collagen affects your body. And we’ll break down the time frame needed by the supplement to show you its results.

  1. Skin

For collagen to work wonders on your skin, you will need to wait for at least 12 weeks. You’ll experience enhanced skin elasticity, hydration, and improved density when you wait for collagen to work. This will also help you experience a smoother skin texture over time. 

You should notice progresses in skin health within two months of using collagen supplements. However, you should stick to your routine for at least three months to reap its full results.

  1. Joints and Tendons

If you look to improve your joint support, collagen takes 12 weeks and six months to show its effects. You will see a positive impact on joint mobility if you wait for collagen to work. Once you cross the six-month mark, you will experience enhanced overall joint health.

In tendons and ligaments, collagen supplements take between 3 months and six months to show their effects. When you introduce strengthening exercises in your daily routine, you can notice an enhanced tendon performance within three months.

  1. Muscles

After exercise, you might experience collagen benefits from the second day if you look to improve muscle soreness. However, if you want to achieve enhanced muscle mass, it can take up to 3 months. You can achieve results faster when you wait for collagen to work and include resistance training in your routine.

Collagen supplements affect body structure and local muscle strength positively. You would need to continue the treatment for at least six months, to receive the full benefits of these supplements.

  1. Bones

To improve your bone health, you might need to take collagen supplements for at least one year. When you consume the peptides regularly for more than 12 months, you will notice an enhanced bone density.

  1. Nails

As per the research conducted by a few scientists, you might notice the effect of collagen on nails within 24 weeks. These supplements will improve your nail strength and show improvement in brittleness.


Collagen supplements have a wide range of benefits for your body. When taken as per dose, it can help you improve your skin, guts, joints, and muscle health. However, it would be best to give these supplements time to work for your body. When you wait for collagen to work and follow your routine diligently, the supplements can do wonders for your body.

Different collagen supplement varieties exist for other solutions. Hence, it would be best first to determine what you’d like to achieve when using the suppliment. Depending upon your issue and after consulting a nutritionist, you should include collagen in your diet. 

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