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Ear Feels Clogged And Ringing

You might not need to feel alarmed when your ear feels clogged and ringing. On the other hand, it could be a severe medical issue resulting in potential damage. As an organ in the body, the ears could react to slight changes that eventually result in difficulties in hearing. 

When your ear feels clogged and ringing, it is most times the result of an ear infection, amongst others. At this point, though you may not feel pain, there’ll be difficulty in hearing and discomfort. You should give it some time to return to normal on a basic level. However, if problems persist, you may need urgent medical attention. 

Before considering the treatments, the doctor will likely need to know the cause of this. It is advisable to learn more about why your ear feels clogged and ringing to prevent future occurrences. 

What Makes My Ear Feels Clogged and Ringing?

So many factors could be behind this feeling in your ears. It comes with a buzzing sensation, and most times, the symptoms of the disease behind it follow. Though it may simply cause disturbance initially, it could eventually lead to something worse.

One of the most common causes of such disturbance is an ear infection called otitis. Even though it’s common among infants most times, it also occurs among adults. Another reason for the feeling is sinus pressure, a more severe medical condition.

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Sometimes, it occurs due to aerophobia when a plane lifts off. People may experience intense earaches due to the vibration and noise from the aircraft. If this is the case, it shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Another cause of this is Meniere disease which affects the inner ear most times and can lead to worse cases. It usually comes with a painful feeling in the ears in its earlier times. Other causes include acoustic neuroma, cerumen impaction, and Eustachian tube dysfunction. 

Is It Dangerous When My Ear Feels Clogged and Ringing?

Whether this condition is dangerous largely relies on what is behind it. If it’s an ear infection, it should come with pains, loss of appetite, headaches, difficulty sleeping, etc. Many other causes share similar symptoms but may add those which are a lot worse.

If the problem is from an airplane, the person will feel fullness in the ears with blood in the middle ear. Sinus pressure may bring about alterations and loss of sense of smell, fever, and toothaches. Cases like earwax dysfunction can come with itching, muffled hearing, pains, and problems with balance.

The more severe cases come with dizziness and even complete hearing loss on the side affected. Numbness around the areas of the face may also occur.

Hence, to tell if it’s dangerous or not, the best thing is to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. The medics will check your ear for inflammation or fluids it may be secreting. Medical imaging may even come into the picture when the case proves more severe than usual.

What Do I Do When My Ears Feels Clogged and Ringing?

There are several treatments for this condition depending on the virus in question. However, there are general opinions you should try, most of them being what you may do at home. Below are some tips for quick relief.

Use Steam

Inhaling steam is the primary way to loosen mucus that clogs the ears and eases the ringing. You can apply it in a hot shower or put a damp towel over your ear. 

Apply Eardrops

Depending on the medical conditions, using eardrops can provide quick relief to your ear. It is most effective when it’s an earwax condition as the eardrop can easily loosen the wax and offer comfort.

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Use the Valsalva Trick

This straightforward process may provide an immediate remedy by opening the Eustachian tube. Begin the process by inhaling profoundly and pinching your nose close. At the same time, ensure you shut your mouth as well, such that you’re not breathing temporarily.

Now, act like you want to breathe through your nose while your hand still pinches it. You’ll feel like your chins around your cheek just puffed. It shows that the Eustachian tube just opened.

Try Other Basic Things

Things like chewing on gum, yawning, and swallowing aid the movement of the muscles around the ear. Exercise these muscles with these actions regularly.


When your ear feels clogged and ringing, it could mean something worse than just any ordinary pain. Ensure you see a doctor immediately if essential remedies are not helping.

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