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Deep Conditioner For Low Porosity Hair

Looking for the best deep conditioner for low porosity hair to give your hair its shine again? Perhaps you feel bad that your hair is dull, dry, and unattractive. Not to worry. These products will help you restore your hair to its original beauty by moisturising it and bringing back its sheen. 

Some of the top-notch deep conditioners for low porosity hair include As I Am, Carol’s Daughter, and Eden. They are lightweight leave-in products with little protein content. Aloe vera, shea butter, and avocados are essential ingredients for low porosity hair. Combining these shampoos with the right treatments, such as steaming, should keep your hair in perfect shape. 

Low porosity hair can be pretty challenging to keep in shape, unlike high porosity hair. However, your hair will be fine with the correct understanding, healthy habits, and proper deep conditioner for low porosity hair. We have explored the options in this write-up. 

What is Low Porosity Hair?

If your hair doesn’t easily absorb the products you’re using, you can describe it as low porosity hair. Hair porosity describes the hair’s ability to retain moisture and absorb cosmetic products. It makes it challenging to manage the hair and, in some cases, to style it as you may desire.

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Low porosity hair takes longer to get wet and dry up than high porosity hair. It doesn’t soak into the follicles when applying lotions, cream, and other products. Instead, the products will look like it is coating the hair, lingering around it, with the inability to function. 

Unlike highly porous hair, this hair type doesn’t always look good, having a rough and bumpy feeling. Its nature stems from the hair cuticles, which are closed instead of open. 

One good part of low porosity hair is that the hair fibres don’t damage easily. As a matter of fact, these hairs can survive even when you’re not properly maintaining them.

What Does Low Porosity Hair Need?

You need to give your hair more attention if it has low permeability, as it is pretty challenging to handle. Highly porous hair usually works well with thick formulas that can massage the nutrients into the hair. With high porosity hair, the focus is to lock moisture into the hair, which is relatively easy.

On the other hand, low porosity hair demands lighter formulas that easily penetrate the hair particles. A watery product will do a better job because the hair will easily absorb it. Therefore, the products you should look out for are those that don’t make use of heavy ingredients and chemicals.

Products with aloe vera, shea butter, and avocados are terrific options. They are very mild ingredients with lots of moisture for your hair. Stay away from elements such as mineral oil, petrolatum, and others with high protein contents.

Deep Conditioner for Low Porosity Hair

There are numerous deep conditioners for low porosity hair, with some being more effective than others. Out of the many available, below are three of our top picks.

As I Am

As I Am products have just the right combination of ingredients you need for a low porosity hair. Firstly, it has a protein-free deep conditioning product packed with a lot of moisture.

It contains shea butter, green tea, avocados, and other fruit and vitamins in its formulation. Together, they ensure stronger hair and smoother cubicles.

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Carol’s Daughter

One of this company’s products – the Almond Milk Ultra-Nourishing Hair Mask – is the perfect deep conditioner for low porosity hair. For those with hair that has suffered damage, this product is best for revitalising it. It contains oils like almond and coconut oil and natural extracts to moisturise your hair.


A famous mask uses a botanical combination of coconut, jojoba, and Monoi Oils to repair and strengthen hair. The hair’s natural moisture levels come back to normal with this formula. 

Hence, it’s excellent for people suffering from dryness or damage caused by colour treatments or over-processing. This is a rich, creamy deep conditioner for low porosity hair that will keep your hair hydrated for a long time.


You don’t need to watch your hair mess up because you have low porosity hair. In many ways, low porosity hair has many advantages too. Take good care of it, and you should be able to get creative with it as you wish.

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