From Ganja To Mary Jane A Comical Look At Cannabis Nicknames and Slang

From Ganja To Mary Jane: A Comical Look At Cannabis Nicknames And Slang

Cannabis has long been a controversial drug over the years. Even with its legalization in several states, it still evokes contentious debates.

Weed is quite popular today, and people have formulated code words to identify the herb. Cannabis is a short form of Cannabis Sativa.

While it may not be a nickname, it is derived from the Cannabaceae plant family, which is generally the hemp variant. Cannabis is widely known by novices, experienced, and non-users.

However, scholars mostly use the term “cannabis,” and it doesn’t have the stealthy vibe a nickname gives. 

Thus, over time cannabis has been associated with different names, from ganja to Maryjane, kush to pot; you will be amazed at the hilarious and creative nicknames coined by weed lovers.

We have compiled some of the interesting slang for weed used by enthusiasts in the industry. 

Funny Names For Marijuanas

The cannabis industry often formulates new cannabis nicknames – you can find some weird and funny weed names at AskGrowers.

With a vocabulary list of over 100 nicknames, you will learn different code names for cannabis and its users. Common names for smokers are potheads or stoners; you might have heard the terms from weed enthusiasts. 

Let us take a look at the amusing nicknames for cannabis smokers:

  • Chronic: This describes top-notch, potent cannabis that has lasting effects:
  • Weed Wizard: An experienced cannabis user who can handle the potent effects. 
  • Dabber: A user who loves stronger weed concentrates. 
  • Cloud Chaser: People who smoke and produce huge and thick clouds. 
  • Blazer: A person who smokes a lot of weed quickly.
  • Ganjapreneur: A person in the cannabis business – selling or product manufacturing. 
  • Highroller: A cannabis user who enjoys smoking and getting high. 
  • Tokemaster: A person who has great skills in rolling joints. 
  • Stoner squad: A group of people who smoke weed together. 

There are many other code names for stoners you can research and familiarize yourself with, and you will not be left confused by a group of cannabis enthusiasts. 

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Let us explore some of the common slang for weed you are likely to come across: 


You may have heard about ganja since it is quite a popular term. It is a Hindu word derived from cannabis preparation, and many weed enthusiasts use it worldwide. Even musicians use the word ganja in their songs.

So, when you hear the name ganja, you will automatically know it is weed. That is why you will often hear people selling weed or manufacturing cannabis products are called “ganjapreneurs.” 


Another common slang name for cannabis is weed. It cuts through many generations of users. Both college students and old grandparents know that weed is cannabis.

The term “weed” refers to an unwanted plant that grows with good plants. However, research shows that this nickname came from a plant known as “locoweed,” a plant containing toxins harmful to livestock.

Some adverse effects on the livestock are impairment, energy loss, or excitement. Even though it might not be connected to cannabis, it is obvious how weed evolved to refer to cannabis.

Mary Jane

Could Mary Jane or MJ be a twisted version of the term marijuana? Well, it could be because Mary Jane is a popular nickname that has been around for decades. Many enthusiasts say it is a Spanish word derived from the name Maria and Juana.

Others say it originated from the Chinese people since it is similar to the term “ma ren hua,” a Chinese term for hemp. Nevertheless, people who use this slang are an older crowd from the 70s who like cannabis. 


No one really knows the origin of the nickname pot used to describe cannabis since many theories are going around.

Pot has been used for many years, and many believe it originated from the Spanish word Potiguaya, which describes wine-soaked cannabis.

Other enthusiasts say that pot is a term from the Middle East that refers to a cultural method of smoking from pots. But no one can prove which theory is true.

Despite the vagueness, this nickname has stuck for many years, and even Gen Xers use it when talking about cannabis. Potheads is a common slang name for people who love smoking cannabis.  


Kush is a type of cannabis strain originally from Nothern India and Pakistan. The term “kush” is derived from strains such as Master Kush, Bubba Kush, and OG Kush.

Today, kush is a popular slang name for cannabis that can be smoked. Besides, young enthusiasts love to generalize and refer to cannabis as kush. 


You don’t have to be a cannabis enthusiast to know what marijuana means. Marijuana is a common nickname for cannabis used by people across the globe.

While the meaning might depend on where you come from, it usually refers to recreational cannabis with a high THC content. In contrast, “hemp” refers to the THC-free cannabis variant. 

As stated above, the name marijuana is believed to come from the Chinese or the Spanish people. Marijuana was uncommon in America before the 1930s, meaning the nickname was invented after 1930.


Weed lovers who have been in the industry for decades are more likely to refer to cannabis as grass. Like “weed,” “grass” is an old-school term that is not popular with young enthusiasts. Even though it sounds weird, cannabis is green and resembles some types of grass. Maybe it is the reason why the name came to be in the world of cannabis. 


“Joint” refers to cannabis that has been rolled to form a type of cigarette. Usually, the cannabis plant is dried, crushed, and rolled into a joint. It is a common slang name used by weed smokers globally. 

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As the name suggests, cannabis is indeed a potent herb, and it is fair when its nickname is “herb.” It could be probably due to the medicinal effects of the hemp variant that people created this slang for cannabis.

There is no known origin, but it might have cropped up from multiple groups of enthusiasts. However, the younger generation doesn’t use this term often despite its popularity in the industry. 

Devil’s Lettuce

“Devil’s Lettuce” is a common nickname the DEA uses in the United States of America. During the formulation of this name, cannabis was an illegal drug, and there were strict rules against its use and distribution.

No wonder they pegged the drug to the devil, meaning it was considered harmful. Today, it is a funny name on the cannabis streets since many states have legalized it. 


Invented in the 1970s by high school students, “420” is a witty nickname that stimulates your brain. What does 420 really symbolize? While it might not be anything serious, it gained popularity among the young people.

It is said that the group of high school students often met at 4.20 pm after classes to enjoy a session of cannabis smoking. Funny that the name stuck and is a favorite for many weed lovers today.


There are plenty of other nicknames that describe cannabis. If you familiarize yourself with the slang for weed, you will be amazed at the numerous nicknames on the streets.

Some of the common terms you might know include pot, ganja, weed, and joint, among many others. Besides the cannabis plant, the nicknames range from the users, smoking, and accessories. 

Moreover, cannabis nicknames are used in different parts of the world. The slang is universal since you might find the same name in Canada, Europe, and the US.

Each name might have a meaning behind it, for instance, describing the quality or the origin. Whatever the case, the cannabis vocabulary is massive, and you can learn a few from the above list. 

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