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Collagen Powder vs. Pills

Collagen powder vs. pills are comparisons people make when choosing a collagen supplement. Though both have the same key ingredient – collagen, settling for one option might be confusing. If you’re in these shoes, here’s what you should know.

Both collagen powder and collagen pills have only one key difference – their form. The powder variant is best for people who love to mix these vital proteins in other foods. On the other hand, collagen pills come in capsule form, so they’re swallowed with a beverage. It’s the best option for people who prefer to keep it simple.

Here, we discuss the similarities and differences between both forms of collagen supplements.

What Is Collagen Powder?

Collagen is one of the prevalent proteins in the human body and the primary building block of our skin. They are usually found in connective tissues and bones.

As you age, our natural collagen production declines, resulting in joint and bone pain, and wrinkles in the skin. You will never be able to reverse the decline in collagen production. However, you can slow it down and restore some of the damage it has caused using supplements.

Collagen powder is just an example of a health product that supplements when you begin to lack this essential compound. It is one of the most popular versions of the supplement as it can be used in several ways. 

Since it comes as a powder, you can pour them into smoothies or mix them in your water or juice. They come in both flavored and unflavored variants. 

Unflavored collagen powder is best when you want to mix them with your tea or other beverage. Since it dissolves in any liquid, it doesn’t matter if the solution is hot or cold. 

On the other hand, the flavored variants come with different unique tastes that make them sweeter. You mix these with ordinary water, whether cold, warm, or hot. However, it’s best to take it with cold water if you want to enjoy it. 

What Are Collagen Pills?

Collagen pills are supplements you take for several benefits. We have already established that collagen is an essential compound that helps your bone development and beauty. Taking these pills replenishes the amount of this compound your body produces.

Like every other encapsulated tablet, you should have a dosage that your body requires. It is the best option when you need collagen but doesn’t want to mix it with anything.

Collagen Powder vs. Pills: Similarities

Aside from their distinct forms, there are other similarities which are highlighted below:


Whether taken as a pill, capsule, or powder, collagen helps support healthier hair, nails, skin, and joints. Both are readily soluble in both cold and hot liquids and meals. They’re both tasteless and odorless.


Regardless of the form you take, you need the proper dosage. Even when it’s in powder form, the amount you take will be equivalent to the number of pills you’ll take. 

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Differences between Collagen Powder and Pills

While both pills and powders provide similar collagen advantages, users should consider the distinctions before choosing an option.


One of the significant distinctions between both is their appearance. Collagen powder comes in a powdered form that can dissolve in liquid. On the other hand, collagen pills have to be swallowed.

Ease of Absorption

Collagen powder dissolves quickly in water. As a result, many prefer this because it is easy to digest after being dissolved in any liquid. 

Fish, poultry, pigskin, and cows are the common source of these supplements’ raw form. Afterward, they are hydrolyzed, resulting in a powder that the body accepts faster.

However, capsules and pills take longer for the body to absorb. Before the body can use it, it has to get past the gelatin case. That means it takes longer to see the results of collagen pills than powder.

On the other hand, the pills contain the same powder but are well-sealed inside a gelatin package. Capsules also dissolve in liquid, but you swallow these with water or any healthy fluid you prefer.


Depending on your body’s needs, you need to dissolve a scoop or two of the powder in a drink. You can consume the mixture gently throughout the day. Nonetheless, you must finish the drink the same day.

Using the pills saves you this. You don’t have to be sipping a mixture all day when you can take the pills at once. Capsules are usually preferable to avoid the process of taking collagen in sips.


Collagen powder is the best when you want to add them to what you eat. Adding this to your smoothie, yogurt, or fruit juice would suffice. You can also add collagen powder when baking your cookies or bread.

Its capsules don’t have such versatility. They are limited to their encapsulated form, so you take them with a beverage and forget about mixing them in your food.


This might not count to some people, but portability is one difference between collagen powder and collagen pills. Pills are more portable than their counterparts. This makes it easier to carry about when going on long trips. 

Of course, you could carry the powdered form in the same fashion, but what if you have to use them on the go? You can pop the pills and flush them down with water. 

The same can’t be said for powder. You need a longer time to prepare by mixing with liquid and stirring till it’s well dissolved. 


While both have clear distinctions, the form of collagen you ingest boils down to personal preference. If you want something that you can add to your meals, collagen powder is the best option. 

On the other hand, if you prefer taking it without preparation, you should settle for the pills. Nonetheless, they both offer the same benefit in terms of content.

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