CBD For Dogs – Is it Safe And Effective?

Dogs are the most excellent companion for most people. They make us laugh and comfort us whenever we feel blue. They are even a good listener who listens patiently about our difficult day at work, or a date went wrong. And more importantly, these dogs love us more than they love themselves.

However, these loving animals, like us, can also experience different types of health issues as they grow old. And it is taking away their activeness and happiness as the days pass by. But thanks to the development of CBD products, not only us but our pets as well can enjoy a wide range of health benefits it has to offer.

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What is CBD and how it benefits your dog?

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis plants either from marijuana or hemp. However, Marijuana, aside from CBD, also produces 30% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is a psychoactive component that makes someone to experience getting “high”. CBD, on the other hand, only contains 0.3% THC so it is safer to use both on humans and animals.

CBD can effectively interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors and help it to maintain healthy homeostasis. The ECS works to keep the body in a stable condition where it ensures that everything is at its best, despite what might be going on outside. And these endocannabinoid system is also available, not only in your dogs but also to the other animals as well. Below we have listed some of the health benefits it can provide for your dog if you are considering CBD as alternative medicine.

Lessen the pain from Arthritis

If you have a dog that is currently suffering from arthritis, pain management is a key component to maintain the quality of your dog’s life. While there are lots of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) that you can use to manage the pain, it might cause some various health issues in the long run. It might have a negative effect on your dog’s gastrointestinal tract and affecting the functions of your dog’s liver and kidneys.

But thanks to CBD, it exerts powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can fight any type of pain. A study shows that CBD is very effective in fighting pain caused by Osteoarthritis since it can slow the progression of this degenerative disease. Moreover, even if the anti-inflammatory properties are so powerful, it has no known adverse effects on the body.

Manage Anxiety and Stress

A lot of times, dogs get terrified of small things and get easily upset when being left home alone. CBD has been known for effectively treating anxiety to humans and the good thing is that it can treat your dog’s anxiety effectively as well. CBD interacts with the ECS receptors in the central and peripheral of the dog’s nervous systems and produces a calming effect on the dog’s body. In this way, you are confident that your dog will do just fine even if you are not around and go for work.

Reduces the symptoms of Epileptic seizures

If you notice your dogs seem confused or agitated, and fall unexpectedly over on his side and start to make paddling motions then your dog is most likely experiencing epileptic seizures. Seeing this kind of situation is surely scary and disorienting for both you and your dog. CBD can interact with ECS CB1 receptors that can be found in the nervous system and in the brain. It can significantly improve seizure control through a process known as “external modulation”. Moreover, with frequent use, CBD can lessen and sometimes even stop seizures from happening.

Treats Nausea and other digestive problems

For many reasons, nausea can also happen to your dog and it is very difficult to recognize when your dog is having digestive issues. Sometimes, vomiting is caused by parasites, viral or bacterial infections, or your dog has ingested some toxic or poisonous substance. Having nausea will make your dog look sick and weak. CBD is an excellent remedy for an upset stomach. ECS also plays an important role in the digestive process. CBD can stimulate specific digestive receptors that primarily affect gastric secretion and digestion, it works to reestablish homeostasis and help re-normalize the digestive process. Moreover, CBD is an effective pain reliever and muscle relaxant. Its anti-inflammatory properties heal the digestive tract so it helps your dog feel better.

Reduces the symptoms of cancer

Some dogs, as they grow old, also experience having cancer. If you notice some large growths, smell unusual odors and sudden weight loss and loss of appetite, then it is better to seek medical attention since your dog might already have cancer. CBD provides a more gentle, with fewer side effects, cancer treatment. As mentioned above, CBD reduces the pain, thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, thus effectively improve your dog’s quality of life. Furthermore, CBD can boost the process called cancer apoptosis. This process promotes the death of the cancer cells in the body.

Are there any risks of using CBD in dogs?

Thankfully, CBD poses a minimal risk both for humans and animals compared to THC that contains psychoactive components. Also, lots of vets preferred and recommend using CBD as a supplement rather than medication for dogs experiencing different types of illnesses. It is because most of them still can’t legally prescribe CBD as a treatment option since CBD is only legal in some states. Aside from asking your vet, it is highly recommended to start using CBD on small portions and gradually increase depending on your dog’s reaction.

CBD can be taken in two simple ways. CBD oil is the most popular method of ingestion since it is simple and straightforward. You can drop it directly on your dog’s mouth or mixed it into your dog’s food. Using CBD oil can also ensure that your dog can have the full CBD dose it needed. You can also give CBD to your dog through treats like using CBD gummies. In this way, you are not only giving your dog the medication it needed but also having a fun time together.


As for now, medical professionals are still lacking in scientific tests and evidence that suggests that CBD can treat various pain and illnesses. But based on the experience of many pet owners who have used CBD for their dogs, it’s still worth a try.

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