Cannabis and Your Mind

Cannabis and Your Mind: Debunking Myths And Examining Reality

People often forget why they made some decision when they are already dealing with its consequences. And when it comes to political decisions, this is even more true.

None of the living generations remember those times at the beginning of the 20th century when the attitude toward marijuana began to change. 

It took several more decades to finally distort the idea of ​​cannabis in the minds of people and establish a complete ban on its growing, holding, and using.

Therefore, by the end of the 20th century, there was a common perception of weed as a weak drug that has a detrimental effect on the body, psyche, and human life. 

But all this is just the product of a years-long campaign of disinformation that has deprived people of access to a magical plant that has a relieving and healing effect on many diseases and contributes to a more open and fresh perception of the world.

Such strains as MAC weed UK, Nirvana, Mimosa, and many others can completely change the attitude toward cannabis and make people’s lives much happier, healthier, and relaxed.

Doctors vs. Politicians: Who Won The Battle For Cannabis Reputation?

Marijuana was banned in the first half of the 20th century beginning with the US, which first prohibited alcohol from 1920 to 1933 and then decided to start restricting cannabis use.

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At first, it was removed from the lists of medicines, although for almost a century, cannabis extract was sold in almost all pharmacies. It was popular in the treatment of many diseases and, therefore, was often prescribed by doctors:

  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Rheumatism
  • Insomnia
  • Physical overwork
  • Asthma, and more

Each US state has its history of fighting marijuana before the ban was passed at the federal level and the US started actively lobbying other countries to follow their suit.

However, in each of them, doctors were standing in the way of politicians and proving not only the harmlessness but also the huge health benefits of marijuana.

And given that its production was cheaper compared to other drugs, the ban meant depriving a huge number of people of affordable drugs. Medical institutions went out to protest, wrote letters, and gave their evidence of the high value of cannabis, but all was in vain.

How Did the Doctors Manage to Convince the Public?

The media campaign to denigrate cannabis has paid off. Those who knew about its beneficial properties gradually passed away, and new generations perceived the spread of disinformation as the truth.

But in the late 1990s, the situation began to change, and the medical use of cannabis gradually spread to an increasing number of countries. There are many reasons for this:

  • Over the past decades, doctors have been able to conduct many studies and scientifically prove the benefits of cannabis.
  • The increase in the number of patients with such a serious illness as cancer forced medicine to look for means to relieve pain, and marijuana coped with this perfectly.
  • Cannabis is great for treating post-traumatic stress disorder, and some military personnel who have gone through military operations in many countries were in dire need of an effective drug.
  • As a result, the scientific community was able to convince the public and restore the memory of the benefits of cannabis.

Why Did The Ancients Honor Marijuana?

Historians also supported doctors in their fight to launder the reputation of marijuana. Findings during archaeological excavations have shown that even in the 3rd millennium BC, marijuana was treated as a sacred plant.

It was not only an excellent medicine but also an indispensable assistant in the manufacture of clothes, ropes, fishing tackle, and other things.

In addition, people made oil from it, which was used in cooking together with cannabis seeds. Even the first paper the Chinese invented was from hemp!

In the old days, when there was still no modern high-quality anaesthesia, marijuana was used in surgical operations as an anaesthetic and was also prescribed for a variety of diseases.

In gratitude for its miraculous properties, ancient people deified it and depicted it on vases, walls, dishes, etc.

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How Cannabis Influences The Functioning of Mind

Among the cannabinoids that are present in marijuana, there are both psychotropic substances, i.e. capable of changing the state of the mental system, and non-psychotropic ones.

One or the other prevails in different strains of weed and depending on the growing conditions:

  • Those people who are interested in the use of marijuana as a pain reliever, therapeutic agent, nutritional supplement, etc. choose non-psychotropic cannabis with a high content of CBD. It cannot bring you into an altered state of consciousness, giving rise to a new mental experience, but it can relieve anxiety, relax, restore sleep, etc.
  • Those weed enthusiasts who appreciate its ability to expand our understanding of reality choose high-THC cannabis, which is available in a variety of forms in the HighTHC.Shop. Such marijuana can become an indispensable assistant both in understanding this world and in travelling to other ones. Also, it perfectly cheers up, returns the joy of life, and removes many blocks in the human psyche.

How Can Marijuana Expand Human Consciousness

There are many theories about how marijuana manages to have such a magical effect on the human mind:

  • Some scientists explain this in medical terms, showing how different chemicals affect brain neurons, receptors, and so on. 
  • Others put forward completely fantastic theories, arguing that plants can communicate with each other even at great distances, so by using weed, you get access to all the baggage of knowledge of this plant.

You can try to communicate with cannabis yourself and draw your own conclusions. To understand what kind of weed and in what form you should use, talk to the experts of HighTHC Shop.

They know all about the properties of different varieties of marijuana and will select the perfect option for your demands.

So, you will understand why people carefully keep the knowledge about the miraculous properties of marijuana for thousands of years and praise it in myths and legends.

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