Can You Put an Acrylic Nail on a Missing Fingernail?

“Can You Put an Acrylic Nail on a Missing Fingernail?” is a common question asked by women who do not wish to damage their charming looks due to missing nails. People often use this technique to conceal their original nails. But, unfortunately, most of them do not give it a second thought to whether it is suitable for their health or not.

Perhaps you’re also wondering whether you should put acrylic nails on your missing fingernails. The simple answer is that it’s better not to do it. If enough nails are left to grow with time, you may put on acrylic nails. However, it is better not to do so as this may lead to infections and various nail disorders.

Will Putting on Acrylic Nails Hamper Your Good Health?

Missing fingernails can allow rapid growth and spread of microbes. If you put on acrylic nails, this will aggravate the situation. Thus, it is better not to put on acrylic nails on lost fingernails. The impact will be similar whether you opt for acrylic nails or other fake nails, such as poly gel or gel nails. It will ruin your natural fingernails.

Even if you decide to use a false nail bought from a dispensary, it may be a risky bet for you. However, if you have lost your nails, it is straightforward to clean the nail bed. First, you need to repose the exposed area or cover the area with a bandage.

What Are Common Causes of Losing Your Nail?

There are several causes behind your nail getting loose and eventually detaching from the nail bed. Some of these common causes are discussed below.

Fungal Infection

Fungal infections of your nail may affect your nail or the nail bed itself. Although fungal infections are common in toenails, there are also cases wherein such disease has infected fingernails.

Nail Trauma

Nail trauma is another common cause behind nails coming out of their nail beds. Apart from nail loosening, this factor can also cause complete loss of a fingernail. This type of trauma occurs if you drop something heavy on your nails, accidentally crush your fingernail with something, or a door slams on your fingernail.

Excessive bleeding beneath the nail may force the fingernail to lose due to extreme pressure. It may also cause the fingernail to come out ultimately from the nail bed.

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Can You Put an Acrylic Nail on a Missing Fingernail?

You should know that putting an acrylic nail on a missing fingernail is not entirely forbidden. You may put it on your missing fingernail. However, you will not find any manicurist who would do the job for you due to possible health risks associated with the process.

If you decide to put on acrylics on your nude fingernails, it may make your nails vulnerable to further damage. At the same time, if you choose to put on acrylic on unsheathed fingernails, it may cause an infection. Excessive infection may also lead to mutilation.

It is always suggested to try fake nails after your original nails have somewhat formed. This will allow it to support the acrylic nails.

The Procedure for Putting on Fake Nails on Lost Fingernails

If there are no natural nails on your fingers, you will have to put aside the idea of putting on fake nails to avoid infection. It is needless to say that the nail bed is easily prone to infection. Thus, it would help if you disinfected the area before you started putting on fake nails.

Prepare the Nail Base

If you have to put on fake nails on your exposed nail bed, you need to prepare for proper hygiene of the nail bed. First, wash the exposed nail bed with baby soap and warm water. After appropriate washing, apply pure acetone using a soaked piece of cotton. Once the acetone dries off, apply acetone polish to create a buffer on the exposed nail base. This buffer will retain the moisture lost by acetone.

Set the Fake Nails on the Exposed Region

Placing acrylic nails on exposed nail beds is a complex process. If you wish to simplify the task, you can use the dual nail form. Shape the dual nail form as your nail shape, round or flat. Apply acrylic on the inner side and some bling-bling with it. Spread the acrylic evenly and set it carefully on the nail.

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Give It a Final Outlook

Wait for a minute to allow the acrylic nail to settle down nicely on the nail bed. Once you notice that it has settled down properly, remove the dual form carefully along the cuticle. You can also use a nail buffer to file off any residual acrylics. You may also use the nail buffer to give the acrylic nails proper shape.


These days, women are always interested in making themselves appear beautiful. They try all types of beauty treatments and products to achieve their personal beauty goals. One of these treatments is putting on acrylic nails on missing fingernails.

Most of you may wonder whether it is safe to put acrylic nails on exposed nail beds or missing fingernails. It is better to avoid this since putting on anything artificial on exposed skin will lead to an infection. This may get serious if you ignore it.

Thus, it will not be a bad idea to discuss with a manicurist before you decide to put on fake nails on exposed nail beds.

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