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Can You Mix Collagen With Protein Powder?

Have you ever asked the question, “Can you mix collagen with protein powder?” Various types of are looking for health supplements to improve their health, such as collagen powder. Please that are fitness enthusiasts or on the other end of the scales those that might be suffering from a health condition such as Diabetes. One of the things they are concerned about is how to use collagen powder.

Well, collagen powder mixes well with other protein powders. You can mix it with casein powder, plant protein powder, whey protein, and soy protein powder. These powders mix well with collagen in cold or hot beverages and meals. You can add this powder to baked goods such as cakes, healthy soups, and breakfast smoothies.

If you’ve just heard of collagen powder. Here is some information about it.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the richest kind of protein in our bodies. It is often called the glue that keeps the parts of our bodies together.

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While our bodies produce a lot of collagen when we are young, production decreases once we hit 30 years old. We need to replenish the supply of collagen in our bodies through diet or supplementation. Taking collagen supplements is the best way to ensure that we get the amount of collagen our bodies need.

Collagen powder is made from animal cartilage, joint material, skin, and bones. It is available as Beef collagen, Marine collagen, Collagen Whey, Collagen Peptides, and Cartilage collagen.

Cartilage collagen is excellent for joint health,  while collagen whey is best for athletes who want to improve their performance. 

People who are allergic to red meat or pig products can use Marine collagen, which is made from fish parts. Beef collagen is excellent for rebuilding muscle mass and is the most common form of collagen.

However, the best collagen powder that most people love is collagen peptide powder, made from beef hides. It is easily absorbed into the body and does not lose its nutritional value when exposed to heat. You can incorporate it into your diet by mixing it in liquids or adding it to food recipes.

Can You Mix Collagen With Protein Powder?

While you can take Collagen powder on its own, it is also mixed with protein powder. You can mix it with whey protein, casein protein, and plant-based protein such as Hemp protein powder. Many people add these protein powders to post-workout recovery shakes.

The best protein to mix collagen with is Whey protein. It contains antioxidants like Glutathione, stabilizes blood sugar, and aids post-workout recovery.

Watch out for clumping when mixing collagen with other protein powders. Collagen powder clumps because it is a sticky protein. It is made from ingredients such as bone cartilage that stick naturally.

The word collagen actually comes from the Greek word “kólla,” which means glue. That’s why it’s appreciated for its capability to hold our bodies together, especially in joints.

You can mix collagen with another protein powder in a shaker bottle using cold water. That will keep it from clumping.

If mixing collagen powder with cold water is too cumbersome for you, try hot beverages. You will find that it melts faster into hot liquids, giving you better consistency.

How To Mix Collagen With Protein Powder

There are many ways to mix collagen with protein powder. You can stir flavored collagen powder and protein powder into hot beverages such as coffee, tea, or milk. It tastes terrific in Lattes.

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You can also use Collagen powder with protein powders to make milkshakes or flavored milk such as chocolate milk. It mixes well with cow milk, almond milk, and oat milk.

Collagen powder and protein powder are also excellent ingredients in food recipes. These two ingredients make delicious cookies, pancakes, soups, oatmeal, and smoothies.

Some people also mix collagen into hot drinks using a frother. It shortens the mixing time and ensures all the collagen mixes into a beverage. Frothing a collagen powder beverage also gives it a fantastic texture.


If you’ve been asking, ” Can you mix collagen with protein powder?” now you know the answer.

Collagen is a great supplement to have with other protein powders. You can take it to improve your skin, nails, bone, and hair.

It is also an excellent supplement for people recovering from an illness or those living with chronic ailments such as Arthritis.

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