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BFF 2-Person Yoga Poses

Grab your best friend for a BFF 2-person yoga poses if you want to spice up your yoga routine. While a solo yoga session is relaxing, BFF 2-person yoga poses are a great way to build a lasting friendship.

Most BFF 2-person yoga poses are modified versions of poses you would typically do alone. For example, the seated cat-cow is a variation of the cat-cow. But it makes it a great starter yoga pose for BFFs new to yoga. Practicing these yoga poses with your best friend can be challenging but also a fun experience.

When practicing yoga with your BFF, certain poses are more advanced than others. It’s always a good idea to start with easier poses until you are both comfortable.

In this guide, we’ll go through beginner-friendly, easy BFF 2-person yoga poses that you can practice if you’re just getting started.

The Benefits Of BFF 2-Person Yoga Poses 

There are several benefits of BFF 2-person yoga poses. Take a look at some benefits: 

1. Makes Yoga Poses Safe

While you might like doing yoga alone, practicing it with your BFF can make it safer. If you do it with your BFF, you’ll have someone to lead you through each pose and help you if something goes wrong.

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2. Challenges You In A New Way

Some yoga poses are impossible to perform alone. Doing BFF 2-person yoga poses will help you increase your flexibility and range of motion. It also helps in the strengthening of various muscle groups.

Easy BFF 2-Person Yoga Poses 

Before we jump in, it is crucial to stress that you should not overextend yourself. Only do what makes you comfortable. This means don’t force your body into positions that don’t feel right because it can lead to injury. So, grab your best friend and a mat, and let’s get started.

1. The Forward Fold

This is a simple BFF 2-person yoga posture for stretching your hamstrings. This is how you do it:

  • Sit across from your BFF with your legs spaced apart and straight in front of you.
  • Place your feet against the soles of your BFF’s feet and grab each other’s forearms.
  • Gently pull toward each other while gradually hinging forward from the hips.
  • Repeat until you feel a good stretch in your hamstrings.
  • Stay in the pose for a few breaths.
  • Slowly let go and switch places with your BFF, then repeat.

2. Seated Cat-Cow

The seated cat-cow is a terrific BFF 2-person pose for the hips, core, and back. It can also open up the chest. How is how to pull off the seated cat-cow yoga pose:

  • Sit across each other with your legs crossed.
  • Tightly grip each other’s forearms.
  • Draw your shoulders back and forth to create equal resistance between you and your BFF.
  • Inhale and exhale as you gently elevate your heads, pushing out of your chest.
  • Keep your backs rounded and in a seated cat-cow yoga pose as you breathe in and out.
  • Alternate between rounding your backs and straightening a few times while communicating to ensure you are both in sync.

3. Chair Pose

This BFF 2-person pose is excellent for improving posture and strengthening your legs. Here is how to do it:

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  • Stand back-to-back with your BFF, feet the same distance apart.
  • Step out slowly and lean on your BFF’s back for support.
  • For added stability, interlock your arms.
  • Squat down slightly in a chair pose at the same time. This step requires effective communication to ensure that you are both moving at the same pace.
  • You can adjust your feet to ensure that you achieve a chair pose. 
  • Continue to press against each other’s backs for stability.
  • Maintain this pose while breathing in and out.
  • Slowly return to a standing position and move your feet in.


BFF 2-person yoga has several health advantages, including mental benefits such as stress reduction. It is also a beautiful way to build trust and strengthen your relationship with your BFF. 

If you’re ready to take on this exciting challenge with your BFF, you can use our guide to help you get started. But remember, to avoid injury, always warm up and communicate with your BFF if you feel discomfort.

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