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Best Position to Sleep with Stuffy Nose

You can still get a good night’s sleep if you know the best position to sleep with a stuffy nose. A stuffy nose feels tight, your head feels heavy, and the difficulty breathing feels terrible. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could sleep with such a condition. 

The best position to sleep with a stuffy nose is to ensure your upper body is higher than the lower. Hence, you should use high pillows to keep your head up and your sinuses open. You’ll feel tremendous relief with less blood flowing away from your sinuses. Also, maintain other healthy habits around your sleeping area to ensure maximum comfort. 

Having a stuffy nose cannot harm you while sleeping, no matter your position; still, you don’t want to worsen it. Therefore, we have highlighted some of the best ways to sleep if you have a stuffy nose. 

What Causes a Stuffy Nose?

A ‘stuffy nose’ is the best term to describe some sort of discomforting blockage in the nose. It is irritating and frustrating and can tear your attention from important matters. The scientists will refer to this as “nasal congestion”. 

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Once it comes on you, your first thought is that there is so much accumulation of mucus in your nose. Indeed, this is the natural feeling it gives you. However, it’s actually because your blood vessels are irritated.

When this happens, they swell and give the puffed-up feeling in your nose. Several things can cause this irritation, the most common are colds and flu. Allergies like pollen are also another cause of discomfort. 

Changes in temperature and humidity, pregnancy, and even artificial oxygen can lead to a stuffy nose. It could be a drug reaction, like using blood pressure drugs in rare cases. Still, no matter the cause, there are always remedies available. 

Best Position to Sleep with Stuffy Nose 

The discomfort from a stuffy nose seems to climax at night. You’ll likely feel more trouble at this time and wonder about the best position to sleep with a stuffy nose. Firstly, you need to know why it worsens when you lie down. 

As you lie on your bed, your body goes horizontal, allowing more blood flow to your head. When this happens, there is higher congestion of the nasal lines. The nasals swell, and the sinuses cannot flush out quickly, causing difficulty breathing. 

For this reason, there should be utmost concentration on keeping the body elevated. Place a large, comfortable pillow below your head, raising it beyond the level of your lower body. Your sinuses will remain open with this, and you should feel relief. 

If possible, use a recliner to lift yourself. You can also use an adjustable bed if there’s one. 

Some Relief Measures for a Stuffy Nose

You might have gotten the best position to sleep with a stuffy nose. However, it’s not enough, as you’ll still need relief aside from sleeping. Below are some tips to help you with your stuffy nose:

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  • Use a humidifier in your room
  • Get yourself a nasal saline
  • Keep the room clean 
  • Stay hydrated 


Now you know the best position to sleep with a stuffy nose. Combined with the simple healthy habits in this post, you should have a goodnight’s rest. 

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