Best Online Dispensary Canada

Best Online Dispensary Canada 2019

You’ve landed on the right article if you’re searching for the best online dispensary Canada 2019. Canada has become a hub for cannabis enthusiasts, thanks to its liberal cannabis laws.

As such, there has been a surge in the number of online dispensaries in Canada over the years. However, some offer better quality products, excellent customer service, and faster delivery times than others.

The best online dispensaries in Canada include Haute Health, Speed Greens, Crystal Cloud 9, Herb Approach, and Green Society. Each dispensary offers a unique set of products, features, and benefits.

From high-quality products and discreet delivery to excellent customer service and affordable prices, these online dispensaries have got you covered.

This article is designed to help cannabis enthusiasts uncover the cream of the online dispensary crop in Canada. Read on to discover which dispensaries made the cut.

What Makes An Online Dispensary Great?

There are a few things you’ll need to think about when looking for the best online dispensary. And each can make a significant impact on your experience as a customer. Here are some of the essential elements to consider when evaluating an online dispensary:

Good Ratings And Reviews

Before purchasing from an online dispensary, checking their ratings and reviews is crucial. Reading customer reviews will give you some idea of the dispensary’s reliability, product quality, and customer service. 

Look for online dispensaries with a high rating and positive reviews. It’s an important step to take before making a purchase, as it can help you avoid fraudulent or unreliable dispensaries.

Product Selection

A great online dispensary should offer a diverse selection of products that cater to varying needs and preferences.

budding jE 2EFjYaZg unsplash

Having an extensive range of products enables customers to experiment with different options and find products that suit their requirements. 

However, a dispensary with a limited selection may not be able to cater to your unique preferences.

And you may end up having to compromise on what you really want. Therefore, choosing an online dispensary with a wide range of products is essential.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing is another critical factor when selecting the top online dispensary. An excellent online dispensary should offer competitive prices for its products. You don’t want to overpay for cannabis products you can find for less elsewhere. 

However, it’s essential to remember that just because it’s budget-friendly, doesn’t mean it’s the best quality. Therefore, striking a balance between price and quality is essential.

Product Quality

The quality of the products an online dispensary offers is vital when purchasing. You want to ensure that cannabis products are high quality, free from contaminants, and have the proper potency levels. 

A reputable online dispensary should offer lab-tested products to ensure their quality. And their products should meet industry standards.

Discreet Delivery

Discreet delivery is an essential factor to consider when purchasing cannabis products from an online dispensary.

You want to ensure that your purchase arrives at your doorstep discreetly and without drawing attention. 

A good online dispensary should offer discreet packaging and shipping to protect your privacy and avoid potential legal issues.

Great Customer Service

Excellent customer service is essential when purchasing from an online dispensary. It’s crucial that you’re able to have your queries answered, get recommendations, and addressed promptly. 

An excellent online dispensary should have knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to assist you throughout your purchase process.

Great customer service will ensure that your purchase goes smoothly and you have a positive experience with the dispensary.

The Best Online Dispensary Canada 2019

West Coast Cannabis

For a reliable online dispensary with a vast selection of cannabis products at unbeatable prices, West Coast Cannabis doesn’t disappoint.

The top-rated online dispensary in Vancouver, this establishment has received a glowing Trustpilot rating and a 4.7-star rating on Budhub Canada, cementing its status as the go-to source for premium cannabis products. 

It offers a wide variety of cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, and more. And its website is user-friendly, with detailed information and customer reviews. Plus, its customer service is top-notch, and it offers fast and discreet delivery. 


  • Offers a diverse catalog of cannabis strains, concentrates, and edibles.
  • Attentive and knowledgeable customer service.
  • Regular promotions and discounts are available.


  • Prices may be higher compared to some other dispensaries.
  • Limited stock of certain popular strains or products may occur.

Haute Health Online Dispensary

Haute Health is your go-to online dispensary for the best value for your money. With an impressive selection of budget and top-shelf cannabis, shatter, resin, and edibles, Haute Health has something for everyone. 

gras grun iCHacuW8BcI unsplash

Its website is slick and easy to navigate, offering unreal daily coupons and weed deals. Plus, its compassionate operators provide excellent customer service and free express shipping for VIP members.

Keep an eye out for its daily smoking weed deals page, with up to 70% off flowers, edibles, and concentrates. 


  • Curates a unique, boutique-style shopping experience.
  • Focus on high-quality cannabis products.
  • Regular discounts and promotions.


  • A limited selection of budget-friendly options.
  • It may not cater to all customer preferences due to its curated selection.

Budlyft Online Dispensary

Budlyft is a top-rated online dispensary with an impressive menu of concentrates, CBD products, and craft cannabis.

Its $99 ounces of AAA cannabis are a best-selling category. The dispensary’s hash menu features both imported and domestic products. 

Its staff of experienced virtual budtenders provide exceptional customer service. Additionally, the dispensary offers prompt same-day delivery services to the lower mainland and Vancouver. 


  • Prioritizes accessibility and affordability for customers.
  • Offers a wide range of budget-friendly options.
  • Excellent customer service and a user-friendly website.


  • Premium strains and products may be limited.
  • Shipping may not be as quick as other dispensaries.

The Grow House

The Grow House is one of the best online dispensaries offering a large selection of craft cannabis, concentrates, and edibles.

With an excellent reputation for service, quality, and great value, The Grow House is a trusted source for all your cannabis needs. 

The dispensary’s website is professionally designed and relatively easy to navigate. And its customer support is excellent with several ways to contact them, including telephone orders. This dispensary is known for its daily deals and budget buds, starting at $33 per ounce. 


  • Fosters a strong sense of community and connection with customers.
  • Offers a diverse selection of cannabis products.
  • Provides educational resources and information.


  • Prices may be higher compared to some other dispensaries.
  • Other online dispensaries may have websites that are more user-friendly than this one.

The Canna Society

The Canna Society is a mail-order marijuana dispensary focusing on fair pricing for medical marijuana users.

Its mix & match discounts on flowers offer up to 15% off top-quality weed. And its personalized customer care is pleasant and skilled. 

With The Canna Society, you can look forward to cheap ounces and bulk weed discounts on AAA to AAA+ quality products.


  • Provides an effortless shopping experience.
  • Offers an extensive range of cannabis products.
  • Focuses on quality and convenience.


  • It may not offer as many promotions or discounts compared to other dispensaries.
  • Limited availability of certain popular strains or products.

BulkWeedInbox Online Dispensary (BWIB)

BulkWeedInbox offers a vast selection of cannabis products and competitive prices based on volume discounts. This makes it the ideal destination for those seeking a diverse range of options. 

crystalweed cannabis F ZXqLioXxg unsplash

This top-notch dispensary offers a wide selection of dried flowers, edibles, concentrates, and much more. And its user-friendly website makes it easy to locate the products you’re looking for. 

The dispensary’s fast and discreet delivery services and excellent customer support ensure a convenient and hassle-free experience. As expected, you can also take advantage of daily deals and special promotions.


  • Caters to customers seeking bulk cannabis purchases.
  • Offers significant discounts on large orders.
  • Wide range of cannabis products available.


  • Minimum purchase requirements may not suit all customers.
  • Shipping times might be slower for larger orders.

Speed Greens 

Speed Greens is a popular online dispensary with a reputation for being one of the best in the industry. Its website is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, making finding the perfect product for your needs a breeze. 

The dispensary offers daily coupon codes that apply to everything on their site. So, you can enjoy quality cannabis without breaking the bank. It also provides free express shipping on orders over $99 and uses SHA-254-bit encryption to keep your information safe and secure. 

While its products can sell out quickly, the quality is consistently high. This makes Speed Greens an excellent choice for both recreational and medical users.


  • Focuses on quick and reliable shipping.
  • Offers an extensive range of cannabis products.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • Some popular strains may sell out quickly.
  • Prices may be slightly higher compared to other dispensaries.

Crystal Cloud 9

This online dispensary prides itself on its discreet delivery options. It offers various products, including flowers, edibles, and extracts. And it even accepts Bitcoin as payment to ensure maximum privacy. 

Crystal Cloud 9’s flower quality is outstanding and it offers many discounts and promotions regularly.

The dispensary’s customer service is also top-notch. Its knowledgeable operators can help you find the perfect strain for your needs. 

That said, the Crystal Cloud 9 website can sometimes run slower than usual, and some of its products can sell out quickly.


  • Provides an elevated and sophisticated shopping experience.
  • Offers premium cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates.
  • Regular promotions and a loyalty program are available.


  • Limited budget-friendly options.
  • Smaller product selection compared to some other dispensaries.

Herb Approach

Herb Approach is one of Canada’s oldest and most established online dispensaries. Its minimalist website may seem outdated compared to some of the newer dispensaries. But the dispensary’s service and reputation speak for themselves. 

The dispensary offers an extensive menu of products, including edibles, vape pens, and extracts. And it has a “Build Your Own Ounce” package that allows you to select up to four different strains. 

In addition to competitive pricing, this dispensary has a dedicated customer support team and offers free shipping on qualifying orders. Please be aware of any minimum order requirements before placing an order.


  • Emphasizes cannabis education and awareness.
  • Offers a diverse product selection.
  • Provides a wealth of educational resources.


  • Prices may be higher compared to some other dispensaries.
  • Limited availability of specific strains or products.

Green Society

Green Society is the answer if you’re looking for a dispensary with an extensive menu of products and accessories at low prices.

nathan dumlao iOnOR4KMttc unsplash

It has a vast selection of weed, CBD-derived products, and accessories. And the dispensary offers coupon codes for a limited time. 

Green Society’s tracking functionality is also convenient and easy to use. However, its customer service may not be as knowledgeable as some other dispensaries. Still, they strive to provide excellent service to new and repeat customers. 


  • Prioritizes sustainable practices and product quality.
  • Offers a wide range of strains, edibles, and concentrates.
  • Regular promotions and discounts are available.


  • Prices may be higher compared to some other dispensaries.
  • Shipping may take a bit longer than at some other dispensaries.


Finding the best online dispensary in Canada can be a daunting task. However, considering product quality, customer service, delivery times, and pricing will help you find the perfect dispensary for your cannabis needs.

The ten online dispensaries listed above are some of the best in Canada in 2019. And they are highly recommended for cannabis enthusiasts who want to purchase high-quality cannabis products.


1.) What Is A Mail Order Marijuana (MoM) Service?

A Mail Order Marijuana (MoM) service is an online dispensary that lets customers order cannabis products online. The service then discreetly delivers the products to the customer’s front door.

2.) Are Online Dispensaries Legal In Canada?

In Canada, online dispensaries are legal. However, they must be licensed by the Canadian government and adhere to regulations stipulated in the Cannabis Act.

3.) Can I Get Discounts On Cannabis Products From Online Dispensaries?

Yes. Many online dispensaries offer regular discounts and promotions. These include coupon codes, free gifts, and mix-and-match deals.

Customers should check the dispensary’s website regularly for current promotions or subscribe to its mailing list to receive updates.

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