Yeast infections

Best CBD Oil for Yeast infections in Pets

 Yeast infections often mimic the same symptoms as a more serious allergic reaction. You may find that your pet is licking or biting areas more frequently or is generally low, depressed, unsettled and uncomfortable.

Whilst it isn’t serious, left untreated yeast infections can become difficult to manage and may develop into more serious health problems. Whether this is your first time dealing with a yeast infection, or your pet seems to have predisposition for them, CBD might be able to help.

What Is A Yeast Infection?

Yeast is a fungus that can be found in the guts of all mammals, usually we don’t notice its presence until something has flung our gut off balance. It lives with other flora within the gut and is a naturally occurring component in our biology. A yeast infection is where something has triggered the yeast to over populate the gut, which results in an array of signs and symptoms you may have noticed in your dog or cat. A yeast infection is usually located on your pets skin, this type of yeast is called Malassezia pachydermatis and it can leave your pet smelling like 3 month old sour dour bread. If your pet is a little stinker than normal this can be a sign of a yeast infection.

There are other signs and symptoms too; your dog may start biting their feet, rubbing themselves across the floor in order to itch as well as scratching their ears. You may see a rust red colour between their paws, this is also a sign of yeast infection. Unfortunately, the more they itch, the worse the yeast infection becomes as yeast releases enzymes that breakdown proteins (skin) which means more yeast can infect the area. Your pet will seem very down, depressed and not want to engage with you on its normal level, you may also find that their appetite may decrease.

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oils can be broken down into two categories, whole plant extracts (full spectrum) or isolate oils. Full plant extracts are self-explanatory, they are derived from the entire cannabis stevia will all chemical components available to you. Isolate oils isolate one particular compound found within the cannabis and infuse this distilled component into an oil. Evidence garnered is suggestive of the fact that whole plant extracts have more health benefits than their isolate counterparts. The theory behind this is that our bodies, along with most other mammals are born with an innate endocannabinoid system, this system is marked by receptors that are located in our brains (CB1) and within our immune system (CB2), with the endocannabinoids acting as the messengers. These systems have complex relationship with one another, some of which we don’t even understand yet, but what is clear is that all the 421 components found within cannabis work together to create a synergist effect and become more than the sum of their parts, resulting in a supplement that can promote an array of health benefits.

How Can CBD Oil Help?

The messages that cannabis gives are bodies are broken down into two areas, the anandamide and the 2AG. When an oil is taken, the anandamide molecule can help to regulate your pets appetite, stimulating them to eat, which will help recovery. CBD oils also promote balance, this is something that traditional medicines don’t do in their current form, they either work upstream and increase activity, or work down stream and limit activity.

CBD can promote homeostasis, or balance, and a yeast infection is all about imbalance. So by giving your cat or dog CBD you are helping their immune system back into a state of equilibrium, with the CBD also helping to alleviate stress and promote a healthy immune system. Some yeast infections occur due to antibiotics your pet may be taking, which can increase inflammation in the colon and reduce the natural flora and balance. Whilst it is still in its infancy, research is showing that CBD can promote a health gut and restore balance in the same way as probiotics. Furthermore, full spectrum oils also have terpenes, which work with the CBD component to reduce pain and inflammation.

Why Chose Oil?

It may seem counter intuitive to select a product that your pet may not want to eat, but oils provide a far more stable and consistent dose of CBD than their treat or cream counter parts. Oils are faster to enter the blood stream and remain a consistent level for longer than treats and depending on the strength and the dose of the CBD, it can last in the system for up to 12 hours. The key to CBD is being consistent with the dose, you won’t get a miracle result if you just give it to your pet once. You need to make sure that you are giving them the same dose each day, this way it stabilises in the body and starts producing the effects we have mentioned in this article. If you are concerned about the THC levels found in some whole plant extracts, look for products that are designed to be lower in THC and higher in CBD, most of these products are derived from hemp.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is an excellent supplement to help manage and treat your pets yeast infection, a full spectrum or whole plant oil will work with your pet’s innate biology to produce surprising effects, especially if you are consistent with the dosing. If you are concerned about THC in CBD oil, look for products that have lower levels such as hemp CBD. Prior to starting your pet on CBD oil, make sure you have spoken to your veterinarian about your intentions to ensure that they are happy for you to do this. You don’t want to be in the situation where the CBD oil reacts to any other medication your pet is currently on, so being transparent with them will be best for your pet and for you.

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