Vestibular Disease

Best CBD Oil for Pets Suffering From Vestibular Disease

 Vestibular disease can be exceptionally distressful for pet owners and pets a like. What makes vestibular disease so distressful is that there is no warning when it can strike, there is no slow progression into it, it just happens. Thankfully, whilst this disease is scary, it can be easily diagnosed, treated and managed but can CBD also help manage the symptoms of vestibular disease?

What Is Vestibular Disease?

Vestibular disease has more than one name, it can be referred to as old dog syndrome, drunk syndrome or rolling dog syndrome. The vestibular system is responsible for regulating the normal balancing system, with its central components located in the brain and the middle ear in most mammals, such as cats, dogs and horses.

There are many things that may contribute to vestibular disease: middle ear barotrauma, toxic drugs, injury or tumours. It is not difficult to diagnose vestibular disease in your pet. The diagnosed is made when the vet looks and assesses your pet’s medical history, clinical signs and the results of blood and urine tests. Some bouts of vestibular disease are what is called idiopathic, this means that there is no way to determine what brought on the disease.

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What Are The Symptoms of Vestibular Disease?

Vestibular disease has a rapid onset, in dogs and cats you can notice the symptoms straight away. You will find that your pet may have a head tilt from minor to severe, if they are stood up they will be leaning in the direction of this head tilt. If your pet is led down and has difficulty getting up and almost seems drunk, this can also be a symptom of vestibular disease.

Pet owners have reported seeing their pets eyes dart back and forth, this irregular eye movement is called nystagmus, unfortunately, this unnatural eye movement can also be related to more severe medical conditions that need urgent treatment, which is why many pet owners panic when they see the onset of symptoms and rush their pets to the vet. As vestibular disease is the sudden loss of balance, it can also cause your pet to vomit as they will be suffering from vertigo and dizziness.

How Can You Treat Vestibular Disease?

If your pet is suffering from idiopathic vestibular disease it is very difficult to treat as there are no underlying health conditions that may have contributed to the condition. If your pet has suffered trauma to the head or has a tumour, the vet will need to treat the underlying cause of the vestibular disease as this is what has triggered it.

How Can CBD Help?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of 421 compounds found in the cannabis stevia, it is found in varying quantities depending on which plant of the cannabis variety you are referring to. CBD is the new health and wellness supplement that everyone is talking about, including vets. The research into the interaction between CBD and the endocannabinoid system is no longer in its infancy and the research into how it can help our pets is also increasing. When CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors it produces amazing results, such as reduction of anxiety, pain relief, and reduction of nausea. With these properties in mind, if your pet has suffered a trauma, a CBD product can help them as an additional supplement to ease stress, increase their appetite and reduce inflammation.

How Can CBD Help If Your Pet Suffers From Vestibular Disease?

Vestibular disease is often secondary to another condition, it often comes without warning off the back of another condition your pet has faced. If your pet suffers from seizures or epilepsy, multiple studies have been shown that whole plant CBD products can help reduce them. It has been recognised by some veterinarians that vestibular disease increases in likelihood in larger epileptic pets due to the increased stress placed on normal neurological functions. Vestibular disease can also make your pet vomit, studies conducted into the human population show that CBD can vastly reduce and even nullify nausea whilst increasing the want to eat.

What Type Of CBD Product Is Best For Your Pet?

There are so many products available to you now for your pet so it can be difficult to decide what the best product is for them. Studies have been undertaken as to which products provide our pets with the most consistent and stable dose of CBD. The results tested oils, topical creams and CBD infused treats with blood samples being taken before during and after consumption. The results yielded from the experiment show that CBD oil not only enters the blood stream fast than the other two products, it is also the fastest to reach a stable level and will remain consistent for the longest period of time. These results mean that if you chose oil, your pet will feel the benefits faster and the CBD will stay in their system longer at a higher strength than the others tested. If you are concerned about the THC (the psychoactive component) in some products, look for CBD oils that are derived from hemp, these products are naturally higher in CBD and lower in THC, resulting in your pet getting the full benefits of a whole plant extract without having a higher dose of THC.

Concluding Comments

If you pet comes down with vestibular disease` it can be exceptionally scary as it resembles more serious and life-threatening conditions, thankfully, it is easy to diagnose and often goes away without any medication in the case of idiopathic vestibular disease. If your pet has suffered a recent trauma, injury or other diagnoses and has since displayed symptoms of vestibular disease, CBD could help you manage the underlying health issue in order to stop the next bout of vestibular. Before you begin using CBD supplements, speak to your vet to ensure that they are happy with you giving it to your pet, especially if they are already on medication.

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