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Best CBD Oil For Dogs Suffering From Pyometra

 Pyometra is a disease that only female dogs or cats will suffer from due to the location of the infection. When a female dog or cat suffers from pyometra, it means that there is an infection in the womb and if it goes untreated or unmanaged, can be life threatening. CBD oil products for pets have been shown to help manage a variety of conditions, and pyometra may be one of those which it can help.

What Is Pyometra, What Are The Causes and What Are The Symptoms?

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Pyometra is a bacterial infection that is located in the uterus of mammals. It is more common in female dogs and cats that haven’t been spayed and if you suspect your pet is suffering from pyo, urgent action is required. There are multiple causes of pyometra, if your pet is injected with hormones to stop them coming into season, this can cause pyometra.

If you haven’t had your pet spayed, the risk increases each time they come into season and is more prevalent in older pets. However, the more common method of cats and dogs developing the condition is due to the bacteria found in their faecal matter. E coli can spread into their internal organs and cause the bacterial infection. The symptoms of pyo can be wide ranging depending on the circumstance.

Usually, pyometra occurs after your cat or dog has finished their season, it may seem that the season is unusually long with continuous bleeding. Early signs can include fatigue, lack of appetite, a reluctance to move and collapse. If left untreated, your pet can suffer from sepsis, where the infection transfers from the infected organ into the blood stream, which can result in death. If pyo is caught early, there is a high chance your pet will survive.

Often treatment includes a course of strong antibiotics, depending on the severity of the condition they may be administered orally or through a drip. If your pet is well enough to undergo surgery, the veterinary surgeon will recommend that you get your pet spayed. Not only can this save their life, it will also stop them from developing pyo again.

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What Is CBD?

CBD is one compound found in the cannabis sativa; it has become the focus of media attention due to the health benefits that it promotes. More often than not, when people talk about a CBD product, they are referring to any product that is derived from cannabis. Common types of CBD oil are full spectrum or whole plant products that have all 421 compounds in them in varying quantities, it is the interaction of these 421 compounds that can have an impact on mammalian bodies.

Whilst there is no current research into the effect of CBD on pyometra as a condition, a plethora of research exists to suggest that it can help promote a healthy immune system. Cannabis promotes rebalancing in our immune systems and helps to promote natural immune system responses through signalling pathways to the brain. Mammals have cannabis receptors located on the cells of their immune system (CB2) that bind with the cannabis and help modulate the signalling pathways. Unlike traditional medicine, cannabis promotes an equilibrium and homeostasis.

This results in actions and activities in our bodies becoming stable rather than being under or overactive. This is helpful in the case of a pet recovering from pyometra, the treatment itself can be invasive and strong antibiotics can reduce the functionality of gut flora which promotes healthy digestion. Giving your pet CBD during recovery can not only help get their immune system back on track, it can also balance their gut health and promote healthy digestion.

Furthermore, CBD has been linked to pain reduction, anxiety management and restoration of appetite and after surgery your pet may well be struggling with all of these symptoms.

What Type Of CBD Product Is Best For My Pet?

Image result for cat and dog vet There are now an array of products online that are pet friendly, but in order to give your furry companion the full range of benefits offered by CBD, look for a whole plant or full spectrum extract. These whole plant products give your pet an array of compounds which each work differently within their endocannabinoid system and promote a wide range of benefits.

Whilst isolate products are common, you lose out on compounds such as terpenes, that are shown to reduce inflammation and other vital components. You can also give your pet CBD in a variety of ways, but the best way to ensure they get the most out of CBD is giving your pet CBD oil. CBD oil enters the blood stream faster than their treat or topical creams counter parts and remains in their system longer as it isn’t subject to as many bodily functions such as digestion.

Furthermore, CBD oil will reach a level of stability faster than treats or creams and has a longer life span in your pets’ body. You will need to be consistent with your dosing to ensure that your pet gets the most out of CBD, a dose once every 12 hours will ensure that it stays at a stable level within their blood stream. If you are concerned about the psychoactive component THC, look for products that are derived from hemp or other sativa that are naturally lower in this compound, this way your pet still gets the full range of benefits of a whole plant extract.

Final Thoughts

IF you think that your cat or dog is suffering from pyometra, contact your vet immediately and begin emergency treatment, the longer it is left the less likely it is they will make a full recovery. Once they have been successfully treated, speak to your vet about starting your pet on CBD oil to make sure that they are happy for you to do so and that it won’t interact with any medication your pet is currently taking. Your vet may also be able to offer advice on which products will suit your pet best.

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