Cats and Dogs with Hernia

Best CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats Suffering From A Hernia

We always want to make sure that our pet is in peak health so that they don’t suffer from any pain or distress, but some conditions can be more difficult to spot than others. Hernia’s are common problems found in both cats and dogs, the treatment for them is relatively easy, however they can be difficult to spot, especially if your dog or cat is fluffy.

CBD has been shown to have an array of benefits, including managing pain, so could CBD be used to help manage the symptoms of a Hernia?

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What Is A Hernia?

In dogs, the most common type of hernia is an Inguinal hernia. This is where your dogs abdominal contents (muscle or fat) pushes and protrudes through the inguinal canal, also referred to as the inguinal ring, which is an opening of muscle in the groin area. This type of hernia can be complicated or uncomplicated, it will be for your vet to decide which type your dog is suffering from. Symptoms of a hernia includes but are not limited to swelling in the groin area, pain, vomiting, lack of appetite and depression.

In cats, there are three types of hernia, like dogs they can suffer from inguinal hernias, but cats can also get umbilical hernias. You will find an ubilical hernias located around your cats belly buttons, these hernias are often only really seen in kittens as they are the result of the umbilical channel not closing correctly after birth. These are easily rectified through correct treatment. Some cats can also suffer from a hiatal hernia, these are also seen in dogs and it is a hernia of the diaphragm. This type of hernia allows organs to slip through into the chest cavity, these are very rare and usually the result of a serious injury. The symptoms of cat hernias are very similar to those of a dog, but they may present more clearly. Lumps may be more present in felines than they are in canine’s.

How Can CBD Help My Pet?

You will first need to consult your vet if you think that your pet has a hernia, as any type will require surgery to be rectified, these are serious conditions that shouldn’t just be treated and managed at home. Use CBD to compliment the medication your vet has provided and use it to help in the recovery process if surgery is required.


A hernia will cause the swelling around the area that has been damaged, and if your pet requires surgery, chances are they will be swollen and sore afterwards. CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation of the bowel, not only in humans but in dogs and cats too. As a hernia is a stomach injury it can be amazing for reducing the swelling of the area and making the healing process more comfortable.

Pain management

Whether you chose a full spectrum product or an isolate, both are excellent in pain management. Oils in particular will enter your dog or cats blood stream quickly and you will see a change in how they feel as quickly as 5 minutes. Through better pain management, your pet will also become a lot calmer and a lot less stressed, thus increasing the rate of healing.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

A symptom of a hernia in both dogs and cats is depression, it is thought that this is due to the pain and the fact that eating brings discomfort. When humans and dogs take CBD, the compounds work together to increase the flow of blood in the area of the brain that increases anxiety and depression, through this blood increase the symptoms of both are vastly decreased, making your pet all round more comfortable and happier within themselves.

Increases Appetite

If your dog or cat has come out of surgery, they may not feel like eating. This is a symptom that goes hand in hand with hernias as well as stressful situations. CBD oil can increase your pets apitite and get them to eat when they really don’t feel like. Like us, animals need strength to heal so getting your pet to eat is vital for their speedy recovery.

What Type Of CBD Is Best?

Verma farms are one of the longest standing cultivators and producers of CBD oils and they are safe to use on pets, as long as you consult with your vet prior. You have the choice of isolate and full spectrum products, so you need to consider which one will meet your needs. Full spectrum products have all 412 cannabis compounds in the oil, which includes THC. If you don’t want a product that is high in THC but still has all the compounds, look for hemp derived products for your pet. If you are looking for a product that is CBD only, which is called an Isolate, Verma farms can also provide you with this one. CBD on its own is extremely effective in managing a variety of ailments and is an excellent choice if you don’t want to give your pet the psychoactive component THC.

Final Thoughts

CBD can be excellent addition to your pet’s medicine and will help reduce the overall symptoms associated with hernia and surgery, it can boost their immune system, get them back eating and help to manage their pain so they can heal faster. Whether you chose an isolate or a full spectrum oil, your pet will reap the benefits. Hernias are a serious condition that should only be diagnosed and treated by a vet.

One of the ways in which you can help your dog and cat is to regularly check them for any protruding lumps around the stomach or the groin area. If you think your dog or cat is suffering and is showing the signs and symptoms listed above, make an appointment as soon as you can. Always talk to your vet first to make sure that CBD won’t react with any of the medication that your pet is taking.

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  1. I had open inguinal hernia surgery with mesh just under a year ago. The surgery itself took about 1.5 hours leaving a 3-inch incision. I had light bruising around the incision, the scar is barely visible now. Heavy pain lasted for about 3 days even with pain medicines. I definitely needed help just to walk. It was still difficult for the next week, and it was 2 weeks before I was mobile. If work is physical, plan to be off 8 weeks. I still came home sore after that for a few weeks. It was 7 months before there was no real pain.

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