Cat and Dog Skin Itch

Best CBD oil for Cats and Dogs with Skin Allergies

Skin allergies of all types are common in our pets, whilst they aren’t life threatening, they can cause discomfort, pain and unnecessary stress and anxiety. There are many traditional medicines that can help manage skin conditions in our pets, but some skin conditions stem from immune system responses and can be difficult to treat with medication.

The evidence for using CBD alongside more traditional medicine is growing ever faster and pet products are now just as common as human CBD products. But how can CBD oil help your pet and what oil is best for you?

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Types Of Skin Allergies

Dogs can suffer from pruritus, or itchy skin syndrome, this is one of the most common skin issue in dogs and unfortunately, it can take over their lives. Vets are currently unsure what causes this problem, but it cause your dog to obsessively bite and scratch particular areas of their body. This obsessive behaviour can result in hair loss, open wounds and in extreme cases, infection of the area. Skin allergies are common in both dogs and cats, both of which can be triggered by a variety of items, from grass to dust mites. The allergies can present themselves in a variety of ways, from rashes on the area exposed to the allergen, to weepy eyes, itchy red skin, rashes and welts. Skin allergies were the top reason for people taking their pet to their vets in 2016 and these illnesses often result in multiple visits until the vet distinguishes what the trigger for the immune response is.

What Is The Evidence Saying?

The research is still in its infancy when it comes to CBD and our pets, but the more studies that are conducted the more we are beginning to understand that this compound can also benefit our pets. It would appear that like us, canines and felines also have CB receptors within their bodies. These CB receptors are located in brains, bowels and it is thought our central nervous system and immune system. These receptors work with the cannabis when it enters our system to produce a variety of surprising results. When cannabis enters into our system, it binds with these receptors and adjusts the messages that are relayed to the brain, this change in messages is particularly important in skin conditions such as auto immune issues like psoriasis and allergies. These conditions are where the white blood cells attack healthy cells, causing a breakout of a rash and other associated health problems such as weepy eyes. Furthermore, the messages that are changed also relate to pain and comfort. Cannabis has been shown to help manage acute pain, both in humans as well as in cats and dogs. Whilst the cannabis is working to change the messages to the brain and reduce the physiological symptoms associated with skin allergies, it also works to reduce stress by increasing the blood flow to the brain.

Why Is CBD Oil The Better Choice?

If you are able to dose your pet with CBD oil, this would be the preferred choice. This is due to how much easier CBD oil enters your pets blood stream over other products such as infused treats and creams. Unlike CBD infused treats, dosing your pet with CBD will ensure that it enters their system faster and fundamentally, it stabilises quicker and longer. This reduces the amount that you need to give them as their level will remain at a constant for around 12 hours. You will also notice a rapid improvement in their condition and demeanour when you give your pet CBD oil. If this isn’t an option for you, topical creams are an excellent way to treat a sore, itchy area. You can apply these directly to the area that your dog or cat is having issues with and the effects are very fast. However you won’t get the same benefits as you would with CBD oil, this is due to the limited amount that will permeate through the skin and enter into your pets blood stream and bind with the CB receptors.

What CBD Oil Is Best For Your Pet?

You have a lot of agency when it comes to selecting the best product for your pet, fundamentally, it comes down to what you think is best. Isolate oils provide you with a pure dose of CBD that can help alleviate a variety of signs and symptoms that relate to skin conditions, although you are missing out on the remaining compounds found in the cannabis stevia that work synergistically to provide some of the incredible health benefits that are being demonstrated in the latest research. If it is THC that is concerning you, look for products from Verma farms. Verma farms offer some of the best and purest versions CBD available on the market and as you can selected the derivative, you can choose a stevia lower in THC such as hemp. Full spectrum oils are excellent for treating an array of conditions but work exceptionally well to help control and manage auto immune diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, this is due to all of the compounds that found in the cannabis stevia working together. It is thought that the relationship between the compounds is what helps to change the messages that are sent to the brain which can promote healing from skin conditions in a variety of ways.

Final Considerations

Regardless of what has caused your pets skin condition, the results can be debilitating and take over not only your pets life, but your life too. If you feel as though you are in and out of the vet with no real improvement being made, speak to your vet about including CBD oil into their diet to reduce the irritation and stress they are currently burdened with. The evidence is still being gathered on the impacts of CBD on canines and felines, but the evidence is so far suggesting that it is as beneficial to our pets, as it is to us.

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