Best CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs with Glaucoma

 If you have a pet, there is little worse than seeing them under the weather, or worse. You want to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy whatever the cost and that can involve supplements, medication and other expenses.

One disease not often discussed is glaucoma, whilst it is relatively uncommon in people, it is something that your pet can suffer with, especially if they are a particular breed where their eyes are naturally bigger and can bulge. Glaucoma is particularly prevalent in dog breeds such as Huskies, Poodles and Chow-chows and in cats, it can be prevalent in the Burmese and Siamese variety.

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What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma in dogs is a serious condition affecting the eyes. It is where pressure is placed or builds around the eye, the results of the pressure cause the eye to inadequately drain, thus increasing the pressure further. The pressure is caused by a fluid build-up behind the lens which is unable to train adequately, this build up impacts vision.

The results of glaucoma can be devasting for dogs and cats and if left untreated can result in permanent damage to the optic nerve which is then followed by blindness. Unfortunately, some breeds of dogs are more predisposed to others and will often have to have their eye removed within one year of diagnoses due to how quickly the disease can take hold.

Types of Glaucoma

Primary glaucoma is rare, this disease is very rarely inherited from parents or other genetic partners, this is only really seen in Burmese and Siamese cats. Both cats and dogs suffer from secondary glaucoma, which unfortunately is random and cannot be predicted. One or both eyes can be affected but having two eyes infected is quite rare. You can help your pet avoid glaucoma by keeping your house free from dust, making sure chemicals are kept away and no sharp objects can penetrate their eyes.

What Are The Symptoms Of Glaucoma?

Early symptoms of glaucoma can be difficult to spot, and it requires you to know your pets normal behaviour and very nuanced changes in how they interact. In its early stage’s glaucoma won’t present as a visible illness, it will however manifest itself in the early stages by giving your pet a headache. You may find that your cat or dog no longer wants to play as much, they don’t like their face or head being touched and their appetite has vastly reduced.

You may find that your cat or dog increases pressing their head, either against you or another surface to reduce the pain the pressure is putting on their face. Later, symptoms can include red and cloudy eyes, the apparent loss of vision, constriction of the pupil and a receding eyeball.

How Can CBD Products Help?

CBD is mostly notably known for its ability to reduce pain, it with the endocannibal receptors found in mammal brains to increase comfort level and reduce anxiety. It does this by increasing the blood flow in the area of the brain that triggers anxiety and pain. This effect of CBD is well documented and the fact that it can be used to both manage pain and reduce anxiety can help increase your pets comfort level.

Stress can increase the veracity of glaucoma, so giving your dog or cat CBD can reduce the overall anxiety and stress that is felt when they are in pain. Regularly dosing your pet will keep the CBD in their blood maintained at a level so that they remain calm and content. However, if you do think that your pet is suffering from glaucoma, consult a vet first before you begin any at home remedies in case they need to intervene. If the disease is still in its early stages, consult them as to how they think you should dose your pet with CBD and if it will interact with other medications your pet may be taking at that present time.

CBD Oils

A study conducted by McGrath in 2008 looked to see which CBD products had the best effect on pets in discomfort, whom were suffering from a variety of conditions. The results uncovered through the research showed that giving your pet CBD oil products ensured that their comfort level was maintained over a longer period of time when measured against other products.

It was quicker to stabilise in their blood stream and would last upward of 12 hours, whereas other products didn’t stabilise as quick or at the same level. CBD oils also consistently out-performed in how quickly they entered the blood stream and took effect when measured against edibles and topical creams. The best products and most trusted products are those that have been developed through Verma farms, as their CBD products are tried and tested by millions of users per year.

How To Give Your Pet CBD Oil

Cats and some dogs can smell medicine a mile off and can be very unwilling participants in their own health, especially when it doesn’t smell like their normal food. One way of making sure your pet gets their dose is to put it into a treat and hide it in a lump of cheese, this is particularly effective in dogs. For cats, use food items such as salmon and prawns as their distinct smell can mask that of the oil. If you really are struggling to get your pet to take CBD oil, then look for CBD infused treats, these will have the smell taken out of them so that your pet will take them without realising they are being medicated.

Final Thoughts

Glaucoma can be a scary thing and if you think your pet has the early onset, then it is best to get to the vet straight away. CBD will be an excellent addition to their pain management medications and will also decrease anxiety and alleviate the stress often felt when your pet is in pain and having to visit the vet. Always consult your vet prior to any treatment, but CBD will be an excellent compliment to the medications they are taking.

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