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Back Workouts With Cables 

Some back workouts with cables are just what you need when you frequent the gym. Enhancing your upper body muscles is the easiest way to ensure all eyes are on you. And you can’t achieve this without building your back muscles to look fit and strong no matter what you put on. 

Several back workouts with cables can make the difference you seek in your physique. One famous example is the Half-Kneeling Cable Row which ensures a broader back without extending the lower parts. Adding twists and turns between your movements results in more shoulder flexibility and a positive health impact. Face pull and other cable row moves are also common.

Using cables can be more effective in adjusting your muscles than other gym apparatus like dumbbells. You can learn how to carry out these simple back workouts with cables and try them today.

What is the Cable Machine?

We’ve all come across the steel machine in most gyms that allows you to hold onto a grip and pull. The cable machine is an instrument that applies most times in weight training exercises. Also, people use it in training the body for carrying out day-to-day activities, also known as functional training. 

The machine has a rectangular shape with a steel frame that stands upwards. Also, a source of weight is attached to one or more handles that operate via a cable and pulley system. The pulleys are flexible and easy to adjust.

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Everything connects to another within the system, from the pulleys to the cables, the cables to the handles, and the handles to the weight stacks. Ultimately, such a complex but easy-to-use connection makes the cable machine dynamic for various tasks. 

With the available metal pin, you can choose the amount of resistance you want on this machine. Once you insert it into the hole you desire in the weight stack, it marks the resistant level. Most times, the machines come with at least 20 pounds of resistance.

Why Use Cable Machines for Workouts?

There are so many advantages of working with cable machines. For one thing, you can almost replicate every of your actual life moves on using a cable. You can try walking, squatting, twisting, bending, etc.

Cable machines don’t allow limits, and almost anything is possible since the equipment doesn’t limit you. It allows for a significant boost in the flexibility of the muscles, especially on the legs and stamina. 

With cables, there are higher tendencies to increase your strength quickly. This is because the machine places tension constantly on the muscles as you exercise. At the end of the session, the muscles tire quickly, and your strength is eventually enhanced.

Back workouts with cables have never been better, especially with the machine’s varieties. You can perform several moves for back workouts with cables and easily achieve results. It allows you to diversify as you can easily switch to another exercising pattern once one doesn’t suit you.

To kick off with a new challenge, quit those apparatus that relaxes the back muscles with you sitting constantly. Carry out back workouts with cables where you can stand and achieve more.

Back Workouts with Cables

Have you made up your mind to try some back workouts with cables? These exercise steps are straightforward and practical. Below are some of the best exercises one can do to develop the back muscles with cables.

Half-Kneeling Cable Row

To begin with, it prevents you from stretching your lower back. As you exercise, you get into a half-kneeling position which keeps your pelvis neutral. You’ll use your trunk more frequently, which will help you in almost any physical activity.

Ascertain that your feet are narrow and that the cable machine is square. With this done, avoid letting your bottom ribs flare out. Instead of forcing your back leg’s toes into the ground, rest your laces on the floor. 

Finally, squeeze your rear glute to keep your pelvis underneath you.

Face Pull

The most significant correction you can offer for poor posture while flexing your shoulders and upper body are the face pull exercises. You need a cable rope attachment over your head. 

Hold the ropes with palms facing and press your shoulder blades downwards and backward. Keep pulling until you bring the rope up to your chin.

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Single Arm Cable Row

When you speak of rotation, this activity brings it into play. Hence, it is one of the best cable row workout moves.

You begin with a split stance, one foot in front of the other with the front foot having a turn. Hold the cable handle in the same hand as whichever leg you put forward and begin to row. You don’t have to move your body; just pull your shoulder blades close to your midline.

When you reach the peak of the row, you take a break before rotating your hips and upper body. Push into the cable with your shoulders compressed.

Wide-Grip Lat Pull Downs

Aside from the many cable-row moves, pulldowns with the cable enhance back muscles. One of the most effective is the wide grip “lat” pulldowns which comprise a pull-up and down. It is the perfect move the back needs.

This activity aims for the deltoid muscles, external rotators, and secondary tissues in the back. You just need to pull up and down slowly and rhythmically while keeping to the seat with your chest up. Throughout the exercise, your elbows remain down and in towards your rear.


You’ve gotten good details on back workouts with cables and accessible but highly effective moves you can try. Begin with these above but don’t limit yourself. Try many other cable-row and pulldown activities for back muscles.

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