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Are Nutrigrain Bars Healthy? 

Considering the health effects of breakfast snack bars, many might wonder: “Are Nutrigrain Bars healthy?”. Nowadays, several people want a meal that is easy to eat, healthy, and convenient. This demand has made many opt for snacks like Nutrigrain Bars from the renowned Kellogg’s company. 

Nutrigrain bars are unhealthy as they have several nutritional downsides despite several nutritive values. Though they claim to contain proteins and whole grains, they lack the proteins and fibre necessary for the body. Furthermore, the high amount of sugar that the meal includes makes it completely unhealthy. You’ll realise that the bars never satisfy your health needs with all these lacking.

The oats, nuts, and other flavours in Nutrigrain snacks convince those who ask, ‘are Nutrigrain bars healthy?’ that they are. Here, we explore the nutritional facts of this famous snack.

What Is a Nutrigrain Bar?

Nutrigrain is a brand of breakfast cereal and breakfast bar from Kellogg’s. The snack is a product from oat and maize that serves as a complete breakfast cereal, especially in New Zealand and Australia. 

In the United Kingdom, Nutrigrain snacks contain one-third cereals (typically wheat flour) and ten percent fruit. Its breakfast bars are similar to muesli bars and granola bars.

The first “block and hole” breakfast cereal design started in Australia in 1976, followed by sugar-free flakes in 1981. There were four types at first: rye, corn, barley, and wheat. Later, only corn and wheat remained.

Anyone can find Nutrigrain Bars in stores that sell such things. The bars became famous for “on-the-go” cuisine in the 1990s.

In 2013, the Australian cereal industry brought Nutrigrain breakfast drinks to their cereal line. This product has remained popular ever since, winning four out of five stars from the Australian health line. 

What Is in a Nutrigrain Bar?

Many people overlook the components of any snack or dish before consumption. Many foods on the market are harmful, and no one should sell them. However, because the companies who manufacture them are greedy, they continue to produce and sell more.

In the case of Nutrigrain, there are some nutritional parts to it. Protein, fibre, multigrain, B vitamins, and iron are critical fuel sources in Nutri-Grain morning cereal.

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Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain serves 155 calories (40 g), cereals (51%), sugar, maltodextrin, molasses, acacia gum, and salt. Additionally, it contains other elements you would find in other snacks like malt extract, natural flavors, and raising agents.

Many customers who ask, “are Nutrigrain bars healthy?” are pleased to find that Nutri-Grain bars are fruit-filling. With its components, it’s also a perfect treat for vegans.

Are Nutrigrain Bars Healthy?

Are Nutrigrain bars healthy, as Kellogg’s and other opinions claim? Here are reasons why Nutrigrain is harmful to you.

1. Nutrigrain Doesn’t Contain the Nutrients as They Claim

Nutrigrain bars have nutritional limits, even though they contain various whole grains and protein elements. Protein and fibre are known for bringing filling, so these bars should satisfy your hunger for a while. However, you won’t feel full because the bars are low in fibre and protein.

2. Nutrigrain Contains Hidden Sugar

Another significant cause of concern is the concealed sugar in Nutrigrain Bars. Due to the high sugar content and less fibre and protein, it’s not a healthy choice.

On the other hand, these snacks are perfect substitutes for candy bars. However, neither is healthy as they will simply increase the amount of sugar in your system.

3. There Are Numerous Artificial Additions

Nutrigrain bars don’t consist entirely of natural fruits. They contain a small amount of fruit puree, while the rest is corn syrup, artificial flavouring, chemicals, food colouring, etc.

These additives make them less filling than they ought to be. Instead, it can immediately spike blood sugar with invert sugar, strawberry puree concentration, and glycerine.

Furthermore, some Nutrigrain bars contain food colouring, making them more dangerous. Caramel colour, for example, can be seen in a variety of cereal bars. Though it is a common ingredient, it can be unhealthy in the long run.

Note that medicine has linked caramel colouring to cancer, allergies, a weakened immune system, and high blood pressure. The company uses processed corn to make modified corn starch and corn syrup, which they utilise in Nutrigrain bars. Both products are equally harmful, especially when a person consumes them consistently.  

Are Nutrigrain Bars Healthy: Important Points You Should Remember

There has never been a single death case due to Nutrigrain bar intake. Nutrigrain bars have also not been connected to a person’s death or the onset of any disease. However, this doesn’t rule out the fact that cereal bars cannot cause problems.

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In other words, Nutrigrain bars are bad for your health and can lead to complications if taken in high quantities. The snack’s added sugar and artificial fillings are the main reasons for this.

For example, each Nutrigrain Strawberry bar has 12 grams of sugar. Imagine eating four or more of these snacks every day! When you do the math, you realise that you consume 48 grams of sugar, which is over the recommended daily consumption amount.

Excess sugar consumption leads to obesity which can cause a range of life-threatening diseases, as you may know. Thus, Nutrigrain bars have the potential to cause death, but not immediately. 


Next time you ask, “are Nutrigrain bars healthy?” remember you have the answers you need. The company’s claim that the snack is healthy is a total fabrication. Nutri-Grain bars aren’t particularly healthy.

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